Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Strife II

(I was honored to speak to Strife II, one of my favorite liquid drum & bass producers, over in the UK. Show the guy some love!)Strife II1. What is on tap for Strife II for NYE 2014 & 2015? Any live shows or new releases? I hope that one day there will be some sort of live show, but I don’t know if I will ever DJ. Maybe it would be a film like Hammock and Sigur Ros do, or a live band thing. I think what I write is all about escapism rather than dancing, so who knows.

2. Are you currently a full-time performer/DJ/producer, or do you have a day job? Your music is so incredible this needs to be paying your light bill. I’ve got a really bog standard boring day job with some of the most awesome people I’m ever likely to meet. I don’t hate it because a lot of people there bring a lot of positivity to my life – I get to watch the sun rise every morning and take a few minutes to watch the world wake up

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Midnight Music: Izzard & Alicks – Looking Out With You (Strife II Remix) [Liquid DnB]

Izzard & Alicks - Looking Out With You (Strife II Remix)Strife II has returned, rejoice & be glad! The crown prince of liquid (in my eyes anyway) released an opus clocking in well over seven minutes. This kind of sound is totally rare, but Strife II proves once again that he can do it like no other. The soulful, melodic chords & quiet piano progression are at the core of my favorite sub-genre in dnb. The smooth, emotional vibe glides across your awareness, packing a punch without jarring one’s senses. I am at a loss as to why this kid isn’t one of the biggest sounds coming out of the UK, but I’m going to keep yelling about him as long as I’m able. This is the future, or at least, I hope it is. I think it would lead to a better world, Wyld Stallions-style, but what do I know. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Ownglow Is 17 & Makes Gorgeous Liquid Drum & Bass.

The idea that I’ve yelled into the internet so much about how awesome liquid drum & bass is that it has started getting emailed to me, blows me away. This two-piece from A FREAKING SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD named Ownglow out of Bournemouth blew me away this week. The vibes are effortless, but gorgeous. It really reinforces my belief that liquid D&B is proof that the universe loves us. Gold was actually featured on Friction’s BBC Radio 1 show and the UKF YouTube channel, which, speaks to my point. This kid is banging. I didn’t even know the music existed at his age, much less make Hospitality quality tunes. Someone needs to sign this kid ASAP, because if this is what we’re seeing at this stage, the sky is the limit. If you don’t believe me, just ask Keeno or Etherwood. Grab it Sunday off Pilot Records.

Steve Nolan Wins Hospitality DJ Competition 2014 With A Gorgeous Liquid Mix!

In case you thought that Twitter didn’t matter, I’ve got a mix that proves you wrong. Hospitality announced their DJ competition winner over the weekend on Twitter, and I’d have missed it otherwise. My reward for clinging to the array of Hospitality social media like a barnacle was this FANTASTIC mix by Steve Nolan. Now, if you’ve heard of Steve Nolan before, I’m buying you a case of PBR and a replacement fixie bike chain, because you’re officially more hipster than me. This mix is an incredible journey that pulls some of the best in liquid, drum & bass and Hospitality together into a wonder of a 30min mix. I really hope we hear more from this kid, because this mix is MASSIVE. Put it into your face and let’s get him on the Hospitality parties in 2015, stat.

Let The Week of Rameses B Begin!

This week, I decided to celebrate one of my very favorite producers, Rameses B. This modern-day master of all things production & sonic. This tune was pushed out today, but I’m going to be spending some time going back through his discography, and posting my favorite tunes of his. This track is quintessential Rameses B. A lush soundscape, tugging on the heartstrings with soothing vocals, B knows exactly what he’s doing, and every sound in this tune is exactly where it needs to be. The broken beats that show up 50 seconds in, pull you into a delightful, minimal liquid drum & bass track. For everyone who doesn’t know, thems be my jams. Check this thing out, and make sure to show the guy some love on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook  & Twitter. If there is any indie, underground artist that deserves your support, it’s this guy.

And yes, check back tomorrow for my next Rameses B feature!

Fik Shun Isn’t Real. (Amazing Performance @ World Of Dance!)

Can we get this dude in something? Are there any more breakdance movies coming out? Can there be an entire one of liquid, popping/locking, b-boying and everything else associated with EDM? I might actually go see that thing, as opposed to the miasma of hip hop vs. ballet & tap vs. contemporary gang war stuff. (via Metafilter)