EP of the Week – “Staggering on Rooftops” by LuQuS

LuQuS is one of these acts that I can never nail down. I listen to a track, it squats in my mind for a few days and then disappears, without me adding it to a playlist or writing it down. But, thankfully, soundcloud reminded me his new EP got dropped so I made sure to put it in my face.

Roads is a really neat little tune that shows off the fantastic attention to detail LuQuS puts into their work. The melancholy Future Garage is a particular favorite of mine, especially when it veers into Burial-homage territory which definitely happens in You’ll Be, the second track on the EP. The echo work, pianos, beats, snare taps and distortions are all wonderful and definitely speak to that ambient, almost rainy feel that only a few artists/producers have really been able to capture.

We’re In the Dark pulls that same high production value in through an even more compelling vocal set, giving the sound this lovely & human quality that can sometimes be lacking in a lot of the more minimal end of downtempo, chill & garage. There’s also a sexy feel to the vocals that will get it added to quite a few playlists I wager. Black & Blue is one of the pre-released singles that had floated through my head before the EP was dropped that made me sit down and notice what this guy was doing. The fluid beat mixed with the ghostly dancing vocals really capture what’s possible when it comes to Future Garage as a genre. The beat moves along at just enough of a clip to keep you from getting bored/falling asleep, and the piano echoes off of the vocals which keeps the mind occupied, but not exhausted.

Masquerade is an absolutely lovely track that highlights all of the stuff on the EP but really allows it to grow out, like a tree in the sun over time. The bass taps & drum work are spot on as always and the chord progression goes only as far as it needs to as it accompanies the shimmering vocals. A solid addition to the genre and a great new producer makes his mark. Thanks LuQuS, can’t wait to hear more.