Earworm of the Month: Daymanstep by Joman

So, I have to admit, I’ve not seen enough It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and this track has decided it for me. I’ll be putting this stuff into my face. If for no other reason that I can find more shit like this. Daymanstep is a brutal & hilarious dubstep remix of a clip from the “Dayman” episode of Always Sunny. The wobble is on point, the sample usage is perfect and the auto-tune for the vocal work could not be better. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I was when I was introduced to this piece after someone posted this clip from the show:

One of my favorite people Ť¥gēŗ£ÏŁŸ, dropped this track on me, and I cannot thank her enough. It’s been on repeat, sometimes for way too long than I’m willing to disclose publicly. Get at the producer who made it, DJ Joman, because there’s some quality there and the non-Always Sunny-related tracks are quite entertaining as well. For the lazy among you, his ish is listed below. I know I’m like a thousand years late to the daymanstep party, but it’s new to me, probably new to you and fantastic.

SpinSpinNYC Podcast 02 – Starkey (@starkbotbeats)

Sweet @starkbotbeats by @spinspinnyc. My man Nutritious & his better half Zoe Wilder are making it happen and the beats are always fresh. Take a look around the blog, it’s definitely one of the best places for underground info in Brooklyn/Gotham/etc 😀


SpinSpinNYC Podcast 02 - Starkey


SpinSpinNYC Podcast 02
Mixed by Starkey

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD HERE: iTunes | All Others

01. Remember | Starkey | Dub
02. Look (At The Ship) | Aquadrop | ESP
03. Crew Anthem | King | Seclusiasis
04. Oh Shit! | Zero Cash | Lucky Beard
05. Tunnel | Starkey | Big Dada
06. Independent Bitch | Shirtless | Dub
07. Phases | Doshy | Slit Jockey
08. Won’t Turn Down | Dev79 | Dub
09. Trippy | J Beatz | Slit Jockey
10. Space (ft. Karizma & Nina Smith) | Starkey | Seclusiasis
11. Get Started | Doshy | Dub
12. Philly Noise | Starkey | Seclusiasis
13. Bugatti (ft. Future & Rick Ross) | Ace Hood | Cash Money
14. LEO | Starkey | Civil Music
15. Gotengo | Starkey | Dub
16. Off the Wall | King | Seclusiasis
17. Goooo (Remix) | J Beatz vs TNGHT…

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Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: DJ Pony

1.Was there a moment or a time when you thought to yourself “DJ, that’s gonna be my thing!” or was it something more gradual? I don’t know if it was so much a moment of realization. It was more, as long as I’ve followed secular music, you know, growing up without secular music, growing up on Christian music, classical music & a little bit of country and oldies. In high school I discovered electronic music…it was around the time electro-clash was popular in New York, in the Brooklyn/Williamsburg scene & I was in Kansas. And I was just like, “Fischerspooner’s like the coolest thing,” and was into weird stuff like Ms. Kitten & the Hacker. You know, little bits of that. I discovered Paul Oakenfold’s Great Wall album in high school. That was the first dance album that I discovered that I really fell in love with. So yea, that was how I started into electronic music.

2. If you couldn’t spin house/deep house, do you have any idea what you’d do? Do you have something you like besides your bread and butter? I don’t consider myself a deep house DJ, I consider myself a PonyStep DJ. It’s not all deep house, I play a lot of deep house but I mix it up. I throw in tech house, progressive house, some indie electronic stuff that kind of fits into house sets…if I couldn’t play deep house at all, I would throw in whatever I found that I liked that wasn’t deep house. If I was shut out of house entirely, I would just move into techno, progressive tech & some progressive trance stuff. I play progressive trance slowed down to a progressive house BPM sometimes and it mixes really well.

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