Party Like It’s 1518!

Nothing to see here, just a mix of the dopest medieval party tunes. Yes, I’m totally serious, check out this 40min mix of the best in upbeat dance music from so fucking long ago. It’s the perfect mix for your minstrel show or the most classic/throwback heavy of parties. And if you’re wondering why I picked 1518, here’s a quick explanation.

How Music Amplifies the Thrilling Aura of Las Vegas Casinos

How Music Amplifies the Thrilling Aura of Las Vegas Casinos

Music adds a different flavor once it established its roots in movies. It sets the stage for suspense, inserts a dynamic element to an understated scene, and brings to light various emotions from characters. Fans see and feel the mastery of a Martin Scorsese film like Casino, especially when it’s supplemented by The Animals’ 1964 classic, House of the Rising Sun. It’s amazing to think how each note contributes to the overall dynamic of an excellent medium in storytelling. These days, there’s a new avenue where music is beautifully complemented, one where people feel the suspense, the subtlety, and the diverse emotions firsthand. It’s all about the alluring world of casinos.

Within the luxurious domain of casinos, you’ll find the world’s high-end rollers and wide-eyed risk-takers. With the help of modern-age technology, this industry penetrated the realms of the worldwide web. In fact, famous film and comic book characters such as the Avengers, Iron Man, and even Pink Panther have slot machine games solely dedicated to them. Gala Casino, a UK-established online gaming site, uses these characters’ likeness and sometimes signature music to give an extra boost to the overall fan experience. Aside from these, casinos are also slowly becoming legitimate establishments for the many power players of EDM.

In Las Vegas, where nightclubs, casinos, and DJs contribute to the overall vibe of the city, EDM artists truly find their solace performing in some of the world’s wildest venues. Fans flock to popular spots such as Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay to dance along Baauer’s, Bassjackers’, and DJ Mustard’s catchy tunes, while Hakkasan at MGM Grand regularly houses the likes of Lil Jon, Chuckie, and Borgeous. Even European EDM artists Afrojack and Calvin Harris regularly cross the pond and breathe more life into an already lively Las Vegas crowd.

Just like the way it adds to the brilliance of movies, music potently amplifies the thrilling aura of casinos. From the magic it brings to online games, to the production value it delivers to live events, melodies create a wonderful scenario where everyone can just be free and get lost in the moment.

Hip Hop: A Genre Infographic

1127_1210388265656145_8482012181554222604_nClick to embiggen, it’s actually an on-point representation of flow style. One thing I especially like about it is the inclusion of old school & new school. Because you totally forgot LL Cool J looked like that didn’t you? Also, I miss Andre 3000. Not sure who created it, so if it’s yours, let me know so I can attribute it properly.

Someone Figured Out That Drake Works Perfectly with N64 Music

I’m not even sure how you figure this out. Someone decided to overlay Drake on N64 games and the synergy is stunning, if not a bit terrifying. For serious, the combination of Drake & Mario Kart 64 is one of the more shockingly perfect tunes I’ve heard this month.

Music Video With Kitty On Speaker. What Are You Waiting For?

I’m stunned no one has thought of this before. Also, I have no idea how they got the cat to stay still for the entirety of this shoot. Lernert & Sander are two high concept artists out of Amsterdam, and did this great little video for De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig for their song “Manon.” I have no idea how to pronounce this group’s name but I really don’t care. It’s a great little video and I now want all the gifs made of it. Get on that internets. The cats command it.

Daft Labeouf – Harder, Better, Faster, DO IT! (Best HBFS Remix Ever!)

Welp, we can all close the door on the Shia Labeouf meme. Put it to rest, this is the best use of the video We’ve ever seen. If you get to 1:11, you’ll see a stupendous rendition of the best part of Harder, Better, Faster Stronger. The pitch bending with the vocals are 100% on point and I would love to hear this remix pushed into a random funky house set. Bomp this loudly if you need some motivational love! It’s short, sweet and well produced. Annoy your co-workers with it on Monday. They’ll only hate you slightly for getting it stuck in their heads.

New Eazy-E Video! For Serious, 20 Years Later.

W0w. A legit new Eazy-E video. From Marty Thomas, the new director’s cut of Real Muthaphuckkin G’s. I had no idea this existed, and I don’t think most of the internet did either. Not a lot to say here, but if you’re a fan of Eazy E, whether you picked up the fandom from Straight Outta Compton, or you’ve been kicking it with NWA since way back into the day, this is a must-watch. It’s prime Eazy-E and the Director’s Cut is everything you love and just a little bit more. For all of my hip hop fans who are maybe a little younger, definitely take a look at this. Take notes. This is where a lot of the flow comes from, and some of it is going back to.