“I’m tired of ignoring that I march to a different beat.” ~Charlie Sheen

While he may be a coked out, tiger bloodied jackass who blew one of the best gigs in Hollywood, but hey man, if that’s what it takes to be true to yourself, then you’re definitely #winning in my book. Don’t let someone else silence your beat. Eclectic Method dropped this cute remix of his interviews when that whole thing exploded back in 2011, just in case you need a minor win this morning.

Midnight Music: Walk The Edge by Alex M.O.R.PH.

This is one of my & Armin Van Buuren’s favorite Trance tracks of all time. I’m not going to mince words but to say that it’s quality from the beginning to the end and really captures what I think modern trance is capable of, while maintaining a reverence for the classic sound. It’s from 2008, so enjoy the throwback & get at Alex M.O.R.P.H. for a LOT more.

Two All-Lady DJ Parties Coming At You!

I’m delighted to report I was recently invited to two separate events in the next two weeks that feature an actual all-female line up. I try not to hawk individual parties because I want to provide commentary about the scene generally with minimal selection, but I think this is an exception that I need to make. It’s rare to find events that aren’t just a cavalcade of white guys behind decks, and a night with entirely female DJ line-ups are about as rare as a unicorn that doesn’t have issues. First up is an event going down in Brooklyn featuring Hometown Fire stars REsy & Dopeshoes. This bodes extremely well for the event, as both of these ladies have serious talent and skill. I’ve linked some relevant soundcloud mixes below so, put it into your face. Tickets can be gotten at the door and it’ll be cash only at an undisclosed location in BK. It’s going to be an interesting night and probably going to have some local flair you can’t find anywhere else. Event info is here so check on it.

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“The only fear I have left is not being able to create.” ~Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has broken new ground in so many ways, especially in offending those who had worldviews that needed shaking up. I give mad props to anyone who is able to include and offend, as he’s been able to do repeatedly. Check out the video below, where one of his fans performs one of his hits (This Is The New Sh*t) in sign language. Inclusiveness doesn’t stop if you can’t hear.

Midnight Music: ViLLAGE’s Soulful Remix of Lullabies by Adventure Club ft. Luna

ViLLAGE was one of a smattering of artists that have gotten me through a very tough time. This track & the Takeover EP listed below have this tragic but beautiful feel to them. Lullabies was one of the gems that came out of the collaboration between Adventure Club & Yuna. If you haven’t heard Gold by the two of them, change that.

The muffled nature of the vocal samples implies that night when you saw your ex after long enough. Or, you thought it had been long enough. Get at both the track & the EP, and show Origami Sound, ViLLAGE’s bleeding-edge label, some love as well.

Hometown Fire: REsy

For this edition of Hometown Fire, I’m delighted to feature one of the hardest working ladies in the NYC underground & Burner community. While I’ve mentioned her before, she’s fought her way through the Gotham underground and earned a slot at Sankeys NYC, the UK super-club transplant that opened this fall (discussed here by me previously). This is a HUGE win for fans of the silky smooth & soulful signature sound that seeps from the speakers whenever she slips onto the decks. There’s a deep, almost tribal quality to some of the more intense moments of her mixes, something that you couldn’t ignore if you caught her set at GlamTech. There’s a bunch more on her Soundcloud before.

To reiterate, one of the shooting stars of the underground is spinning at one of the most underrated clubs in the city. She’s setting up for Reda Briki, a dance institution in his own right, but this post is not for him. It’s for Resy. Because she drops it like it is much warmer than it is outside my apartment right now. Get tickets for it here.

My New Favorite Phrase Is “Bilbo It Up.”

Patrick Rothfuss is an American writer of sworcery (you see what I did there?), most notably The Kingkiller Chronicles. The “take on the damn dragon” attitude you find in that class of fiction has always been one of my favorites. Not backing down in the face of fire-breath is hardcore 😀

Midnight Music: T-Mass Hits A Home Run Remixing Adventure Club!

If you look up “Producers that need to get signed with OWSLA” in the dictionary, you’ll find T-Mass. Top Notch Production? Check. Agile Social Media Sense? Check. Ability to produce in like 4 different genres? Check-a-mundo. This remix of Wonder by Adventure Club is a fantastic demonstration of what this guy is capable of. Then hit up his Soundcloud and put some more bass into your face.

With New 808s & 909s On The Way, Could The 303 Be Next?

With news of the TR-808 coming back to the delight of acid house & detroit techno enthusiasts the world over, it seems Roland has struck a chord when it comes to zealous fans that seem to have a bit more $$ in their pockets than they did in the early 90’s. FACT Mag did some digging and is providing some interesting evidence to support the idea that a 303 will be coming as well as a new 909. The TR-808 announcement left a lot of people arguing about whether the digital protege of the original analog 808 machine could ever match the classic, but it hasn’t seemed to slow Roland’s erm…roll, as it were. There’s going to be a lot of very excited people and if we see a resurgence of acid house replace the trap/electro heavy dance floors of 2013, I don’t think you’ll see too many disappointed old-timers, myself included.