Midnight Music: John Lennon – Imagine (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Remix, AvB Edit) [Classic Trance]

(Update: It has been confirmed that this bootleg has been produced by Scott Bond & Charlie Walker with Armin making an edit of the track. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker have some amazing work here in the REBOOTED remix. You’re going to see some more of Scott Bond’s tracks here in the coming weeks. If you don’t know who Scott Bond is, just read about the nightclub he used to rock called Gatecrasher!)

If you’re a regular ASOT listener, you know that it’s the best place to find new tracks first, especially in trance & progressive. ASOT 678 was no exception. This remix of Imagine is one of the most euphoric tracks I’ve heard in years. This is the kind of stuff that festival kids eat up, but it’s still got enough legit trance elements that even the old people will sit up and pay attention. Listen to it before it gets taken down it just might. Interestingly, there is a track off of Imagine by the name of “Imagine” as well, which has a crazy good progressive build, clocking in at almost 10min. This is what trance was meant to be, and because I’m such a nice guy, it’s linked below. That’s right, a trance twofer! Enjoy the long weekend! Show the DJ & label some love on Fbook!


Electric Zoo Cancelled! Third Day Shuttered Due To 30min Thunderstorm.

Electric Zoo Attendees Stranded
Electric Zoo just can’t seem to catch a break this year. After the huge controversy over Camelbaks, the last day of the Zoo was cancelled after a brief rain delay. Your phone has probably blown up with flash flood warnings at least once today if you’ve been in the area, which shook the leadership of Made Event enough to shut it down. While the storm didn’t last very long, it was severe enough to scare the organizers. The attendees huddled in the tents to keep away from the thunderstorm, but there, it didn’t take long for the crowd to start to get agitated.

By around 5/530, with the rain seeming to taper off, Electric Zoo was cancelled. Kaskade, Netsky, Seven Lions, Skrillex/Diplo’s Jack U, Alesso, & Dash Berlin were slated to perform, with Myon & Shane 54 interrupted 25min into the set. The kids were greeted with a seriously disorganized departure plan from Electric Zoo, with shoeless ravers walking across the RFK Bridge to get home. While the ravers lamented the overall disappointing experience of the weekend, artists were struggling to either lift moods or find alternative gigs. While we’re not sure what’s going on this evening, it seems that most venues are going to be mobbed with eager ravers trying to make up for the lost day.

Even before the rain, there were reports of attendees passing out in line before even entering, with people waiting anywhere between 30min to over an hour to get in. Overall, with the reports of abuse by the NYPD streaming in & the terrible way the attendees, press and locals were treated, I’m going to be hard pressed to recommend EZoo as a destination. While we can all be thankful no one died this year, the way this has gone down will seriously damage the relationship Made Event has with its fans here in the tri-state area.

The French “Turn Down For What” In The Rain!

Instead of shutting the damn thing down, the French Open kept the crowd in the stadium and had a mini-dance battle while waiting for the rain to stop. It’s almost as if we don’t need to kick thousands of attendees out of a place just because shit is a little moist(via White Raver Rafting).

Tommie Sunshine Dropped A New Track & Mix. Both Rock Obviously.

Tommie Sunshine comes out swinging with his new remix. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now vintage quality (as old as that makes us feel), with a potent punch added, after being drenched in some summer anthem. This collab between Modern Machines, CID & the man himself cannot be ignored. The explosion 75 seconds into the track holds its own amongst the best progressive & banger drops out there and there’s no stupid big room repetition. The pull back is exactly what it needs to be and I expect it to have been played a dozen times at Electric Zoo. The DJ support list is massive, as it should be. Rage, rage against the dying light my friends. ALSO a bonus mix at EDM.com!


Playlists Of The Weekend: EDMTunes/Spinnin’ Records & InDeep 30!

Super glad that I can bring this out to share for y’all. A bunch of my peeps at EDMTunes put together this fantastic 90min of dance music for you. New illness from The Chainsmokers, deep gorgeousness from Matt Lange off Anjunabeats, Bassnectar’s summer jam & 17 more tunes. From trap bangers to progressive anthems, if you want to know what Electric Zoo sounds like right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a better sampling of tunes that are big right now. Strong by Arno Cost & Shadow of the Sun’s Mako remix are highlights as well. Hit up EDMTunes and thank them for making this happen with Spinnin’ Records. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know when the next one comes out as well.

Over on Soundcloud, there’s the next session of InDeep. These cats are quickly becoming my go to source for deep, future, tech & “insert sub-genre of house here” house. The list comes in at a manageable 72min and with new Hot Since 82, Amtrac, a fun little snippet from Marcapasos, a FANTASTIC deep house remix of Bittersweet Symphony (must listen), a joint from Mixmag featuring Jody Wisternoff & a whole lot more. If the EDMTunes playlist is your Turn Down For What list, this is your grooving, deep dark set that happens later in the night. Or now while you’re walking around cleaning the house on the long weekend before shenanigans later. Or yachting, elephant polo’ing or jousting, whatever you’re into. The tunes are quality so enjoy the almost 3 hours of music between these two playlists and rock out your weekend!

Kaskade Is The American Champion Of Modern Dance Music.

(A month or two ago, I was given the honor of writing a long-form article about my favorite homegrown EDM DJ. Kaskade is an American hero. Peep the article and show some love to EDMTunes, who keep letting me yammer on about stuff that I love.)Kaskade - EDM

I was sitting there listening to MIA to LAS (a personal favorite off Kaskade’s Atmosphere), reading about all of his music disappearing from Soundcloud when it struck me. Kaskade is one of the only producers in the industry besides maybe deadmau5 who really gets it.  Soundcloud has been bent over a table by the labels when it comes to takedown notices, even when the original creators (i.e. Kaskade and 50,000 other DJs) want them to be available. While I’ve given it up to deadmau5 here before, I wanted to take time to write a love letter to Kaskade. He, in my mind, embodies the absolute best in American dance music, much more than just being America’s Best DJ (which, he totally won last year if you forgot). Not only has he been innovating both sides of the house coin, progressive & deep, but his embrace of the exploding dance music culture in the USA over the last 5 years deserves massive respect. His recent Redux 2014 tour is astonishing and he’s working on more crazy stuff in addition to ways to get his music to his fans directly.

While he grew up in Chicago, he attended university Utah. He took a break from spinning records to serve two years on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Japan. That’s right, he served as a missionary bringing His word to the people in Japan, before Kaskade was ever a thing. After being inspired by a waterfall, he thought maybe “cascade” sounded good, so he got to work.  In 2003, “It’s You It’s Me” with the debut album pushed out, creating an amazing, smooth sound that was signature then, even though we had no idea how far he’d go. Or perhaps you did, and I tip my hat to you, EDM hipster 😀

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Ayah Marar Gets Ready For The Weekend With NERVO & R3HAB!

While Ayah Marar’s solo work needs no introduction, she’s fast becoming a globally recognized vocalist, doing tune after tune. This is a proper banger that needs to get into your face this Friday. You made it. Labor Day weekend is upon us, and if you’re one of the few souls still stuck in the office, jam out to this and enjoy the poppy drop and glittering break. Not a whole lot of depth needed here. Go party!

ElectronicNightLife Interview: Andy C (at Webster Hall)

(I was lucky to be able to interview the Executioner himself, Andy C at Webster Hall, via Electronic Night Life. Give them some love and check out my interview below.)Andy C - Logo - Facebook

1. How has your summer been? Do you have any cool stories/highlights from 2014 so far that stand out? Summer’s been incredible man. The summer kind of kickstarted, for me it was March. I know that’s not summer, I did Ultra and I did a little tour. I did like a week in the US, and then it’s just gone crazy since then. I went out for two weeks in June and I’ve played the most amazing festivals already. Electric Forest was amazing, EDC was incredible, Paradiso, Spring Awakening. I’ve been blessed already, you know. Then I come back to the UK and I went straight to Ibiza, doing a residence in Amnesia. Serbian Exit Festival, there ya go, tens of thousands. I mean, honestly it’s crazy. And here I am back in America, this tonight, Red Rocks tomorrow, and we’re only halfway through the summer. The bags are getting bigger and bigger under the eyes.

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There Is Actually A Place More Hipster Than Williamsburg.

Just when you thought we’d reached the pinnacle of Hipsterdom, it seems Eastern Europe has beaten Brooklyn out for the top spot. The capital of Latvia, Riga, has been voted as the top spot for Hipsters anywhere across the globe. Check out the rest of the neighborhoods and feel free to light up my comments if you think the jeans in Riga couldn’t possibly be more tight than the ones coming out of Billyburg. Yes, people do actually call it Billyburg. Check out the article at Skyscanner here.