Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some Gobble Wobble For you!

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy the turkey dubstep with your family and don’t forget to gobble down hard today.

How To Make The Next 5 Pointz. Stop-Motion How-to Guide Included.

It’s totally possible, and it seems that a group of competent writers can get an entire building done in short order. There’s no reason to waste time trying to get the management of one building change its mind or to punish the owners. You find 10 others that agree with your goal already. The public has your attention, use it wisely. A group of Australian taggers show you exactly how easy it can be. Run around, have fun, and film it in HD. Way better than bitching on facebook, and it was just for a spray paint brand ad. We can do better. #rip5pointz

Broke On Holiday: ReSolute, Cielo (Free), Output (Free), Sankeys & More!…Turkey Day Weekend!


There’s quite a bit going on over the long weekend so you have no excuse to whine about being stuck dealing with your family, as long as you live in limping distance to the 5 boroughs. I’ve got a semi-competent list of quality goods that won’t break the bank. That way, if you need to buy another drink to deal with your family, you don’t have to sell any plasma. I know, I’m a generous soul, once again making it all better with bass. Here they are, ordered by day. Come on out and burn off all of them stuffing-related calories. Pictured above is Hector Moralez, with deep support at an underground venue in Brooklyn. There’s a strong chance this event will be fabulous, and a certainty it’ll have a deep, latin, funky & soulful vibe to it. There aren’t very many of these spaces left in NYC, and at $15.00, you’re paying what I paid when there were more than a decade ago.

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Breaking Bad Theme Out TODAY on Vinyl, Walking Dead to Follow. But Only At Hot Topic.

Just in case you needed to sample either theme of these shows, your prayers have been answered. Breaking Bad’s theme is dropped on deluxe vinyl today, with The Walking Dead theme hitting release on December 3rd. Thanks to Stoney Roads for the heads up. Mix this with your “Dance Bitch” track and you’ve got a genuine (but terrible) cable thriller mini-mix. The hilarious catch is, you have to actually go to Hot Topic to get your copy. You heard me right. Are you willing to walk into that corner of mall-based faux/alt/bubblegum punk couture to get your hands on that last record for your 2014 Halloween Mix?

MDMA Safety: Practical Medical Tips for Ravers who Choose to Use Ecstasy

The Festival Lawyer continues to drop intense amounts of knowledge about not being an idiot when it comes to rolling. Good tips, and if people ask what you’re looking at, tell them it’s something called “harm reduction.”



In writing the second part of this article about “Ecstasy Safety”, I found almost as many urban myths surrounding the medical aspects of Ecstasy as there are surrounding the legal aspects of the drug.

That’s why I’m super fortunate to be able to collaborate with Stefanie Jones and Missi Wooldridge from DanceSafe.

DanceSafe is a grassroots organization that promotes health, education and safety within the rave and festival community. DanceSafe is also one of the leading groups promoting “harm reduction” policies in the rave and festival community.

“Harm Reduction” is a public health philosophy that encourages policy choices at raves and fests that reduce the risks associated with the use of MDMA.

Think of this article as a form of ”Personal Harm Reduction”. What specific, practical medical tips should ravers who choose to use Ecstasy know?


The Number One Risk in using MDMA isn’t actually…

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