Tosh.O redeems DJ KiddLuke with thick rimmed glasses and some legit jokes.

Tosh.O reminds us of another one of those hilarious web fails that went out with DJing that went viral. This guy’s numbering scheme is amazing, and he really needs to bulk up because that’s a fist-pumping maneuver if ever I’ve seen one.

There’s a stack of jokes in this, and Tosh does a decent job of building the guy up while still poking fun at EDM. Worth a gander if bored 😀

UMass cancels all EDM events “forever,” books Trinidad “Popped a Molly I’m Sweating” James.

In one of the more flagrant displays of EDM-related idiocy recently, University of Massachusetts canceled any and all “EDM” events, including upcoming performances by Pretty Lights and Above & Beyond. They then proceeded to book the rapper who got famous for the lyrics “Popped a Molly I’m Sweating,” Trinidad James. There’s so much brain here I’m amazed it fits in the administrative building. (via YourEDM).

‘Star Wars’: Animated open letter to J.J. Abrams makes four demands

Mandatory. We can force JJ to watch this right?

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A new animated video calls on J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming and highly controversial sequel “Star Wars: Episode VII,” to handle the beloved franchise with care.

Created by Prescott Harvey with the creative agency Sincerely, Truman, the animated open letter offers the director four rules “to make ‘Star Wars’ great again”: 1. The setting is the frontier; 2. The future is old; 3. The Force is mysterious; and 4. Star Wars isn’t cute.

“I’ve spent most of my recent years wondering why the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy was so awesome, and the new movies were so terrible,” Harvey told sci-fi site io9, which debuted the video. “I took an empirical approach, determining what elements were in the original movies that differed from the prequels. My first major epiphany was that, in the originals, the characters are always outside somewhere very remote. The environment and the wildlife are as…

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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Of Pussy Riot Is On A Hunger Strike.

One of the members of the now-jailed actual punk band Pussy Riot has started on a hunger strike in protest of how she’s being treated while incarcerated. In a long letter published in The Guardian, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova details the conditions she faces, including extremely poor treatment, 17 hour work days, and exploitation of fear to ensure that the conditions are encouraged by the other prisoners. It’s a heart-wrenching letter that needs to be read and shared the world over. The incarceration of Pussy Riot is a reminder of the old ways, where the sad but powerful torture the free and young to prevent them from expressing themselves. So I’ll say it, like many have before me (via FACT)…


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