Tosh.O redeems DJ KiddLuke with thick rimmed glasses and some legit jokes.

Tosh.O reminds us of another one of those hilarious web fails that went out with DJing that went viral. This guy’s numbering scheme is amazing, and he really needs to bulk up because that’s a fist-pumping maneuver if ever I’ve seen one.

There’s a stack of jokes in this, and Tosh does a decent job of building the guy up while still poking fun at EDM. Worth a gander if bored ­čśÇ

UMass cancels all EDM events “forever,” books Trinidad “Popped a Molly I’m Sweating” James.

In one of the more flagrant displays of EDM-related idiocy recently, University of Massachusetts canceled any and all “EDM” events, including upcoming performances by Pretty Lights and Above & Beyond. They then proceeded to book the rapper who got famous for the lyrics “Popped a Molly I’m Sweating,” Trinidad James. There’s so much brain here I’m amazed it fits in the administrative building. (via YourEDM).

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Of Pussy Riot Is On A Hunger Strike.

One of the members of the now-jailed actual punk band Pussy Riot has started on a hunger strike in protest of how she’s being treated while incarcerated. In a long letter published in The Guardian, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova┬ádetails the conditions she faces, including extremely poor treatment, 17 hour work days, and exploitation of fear to ensure that the conditions are encouraged by the other prisoners. It’s a heart-wrenching letter that needs to be read and shared the world over. The incarceration of Pussy Riot is a reminder of the old ways, where the sad but powerful torture the free and young to prevent them from expressing themselves. So I’ll say it, like many have before me (via FACT)…


Photo care of Aleshkovsky Mitya/ Aleshkovsky Mitya/ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis

Damascus Still Gets Down: A Dozen clubs remain open in the Syrian capital.

While Assad terrorizes the Syrian people, according to the Daily Mail, there are about a dozen clubs still operating in Damascus. The clubgoers hit up one such establishment in the neighborhood of Shaalan, where they dance, drink and listen to music that’s generally pretty kind to al-Assad and his military. Throwing parties must get pretty tough, especially in a capital under attack, so I can imagine it’s necessary to maintain a pretty non-rebellious stance. Apparently there are clubs where there is still champagne, and with one mentioned closing at 2 AM, that’s officially better than last call in a lot of American cities.

I’ll let the rest of the article do the talking, but it’s good to know people are still dancing in the ancient city. I hope they find peaceful streets to dance in again soon.

Empty German clubs snapped by university students in Hamburg!

There’s a lot of really great photography of clubs when they’re packed, but we forget that these spaces are usually just gigantic empty boxes. Two university students out of Hamburg, Giesermann Andre & Daniel Schulz took some amazing pictures of empty clubs around Germany. Hey German readers, what clubs were snapped, and which are your favorite?

Avicii releases trailer for “Gravity,” a new video game for iPhone/iPad

Avicii, the Swedish Sensation, has taken one of the roads less traveled when it comes to promotion, and I think it’s going to pay off big time. His new game looks simple, fun and it has a great soundtrack (of course). Apparently there’s an exclusive mix you can only get if you play the game. While this may end up annoying some Android users (as the game is only currently coming for iPhone/iPad), stoking demand for it if it goes well on the Apple side would do even more to promote him.

I like the idea, and I can’t wait for it to get big enough that I can run it in Chrome on my home PC (with big speakers) or my Android phone. It’ll be there soon enough. Kudos to him, I can’t wait to see other top level talent doing so. The ASOT video game would be so pretty…