Midnight Music: Camo & Krooked – All Night (Etherwood Remix) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

I am going to keep banging on the Hospital Records drum until every single D&B fan in the United States knows of the astonishing work coming from the UK. For those of you paying attention, this is the second track I’m shoving into your faces from the “We Are 18” compilation released last year. Hospital Records not only throws some of the best parties anywhere in the world (that I hope to attend one day). The combination of smooth vocal work, extensive synth work & Etherwood’s liquid touch create a potent remix that eclipses even Camo & Krooked’s exceptional track. This tune is rocked daily for me, and I assume you will too.

A Cop Stops You at a Festival: The “Know Your Rights” Infographic

This is one of the most important aspects of the scene right here. Knowledge leads to power. There is going to be a severe amount of security clamping down on parties & festivals in the coming year or two. EZoo is gonna have double the drug dogs, invasive pat downs & a whole lot of TSA-style bullshit. Ultra is going to have the same, as it needs to ensure they convince the Miami city government to let them keep doing awesome shit in the downtown area. My excellent friend The Festival Lawyer has been working on this for quite some time, and it’s got everything you need to know right in a handy little infographic. Print it out, keep it in your wallet, show your friends, and most importantly, READ THE THING, and know your rights. This is something that I’m going to be reposting at various points over the festival season, so expect to see it again. Thanks again to the Festival Lawyer & keep up the great work!


FestivalLawyer_EMBED Download the infographic image or PDF //

People often suggest to me that either 1) It’s somehow “Un-American” to talk about your rights when dealing with the police or that 2) Somehow only someone who is intending to break the law would need to understand their legal rights.

As to 1) This is really some dangerous nonsense. In fact this honestly might be one of the craziest ideas that has ever taken root in our Country and as to 2) As I always say “It’s better to know your rights and not need them, than to need your rights and not know them.”

The accompanying article goes into an overview of some 4th Amendment law in more detail. But really the infographic is meant to be shared even without the article. Feel free to share this infographic on Twitter and Facebook. Tag family members or…

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Ludacris & Wiz Khalifa Discover Trap Music. And There Was Much Rejoicing.

So, I may have mentioned a while ago that Ludacris discovered Cashmere Cat, one of my favorite Lovetrap producers. Firstly, yes lovetrap is a genre, so deal with it. Secondly, the video for the track came out today. Boy oh boy is there a lot of sexy in this. It’s already got about 68k plays on Youtube, so once that VEVO machine gets rev’d up, you’re going to be hearing this thing officially all over the place. Hilarious rips of “Barbie Girl” lyrics, smooth rhyming by Luda and the irrepressible beats of CC make for a catchy track, even though you probably want to play this at home with your honey. Give it a spin, see how it feels, you’ll thank me.

America Fuck Yea Tour: Philadelphia, The Glitch Mob & Bailey

As the sunset cutting an orange, pink & purple tear in the afternoon sky, I sipped from the excessively large can of Miller Lite I’d purchased at Penn Station while amusing myself on Twitter. I was on the train to Philadelphia to see some old friends and watch some music I couldn’t find anywhere in NYC. Not only was The Glitch Mob in town on Friday, but Bailey was pushing out some dirty drum & bass on Saturday. The weekend looked to be quite epic and by the time I arrived at my friend’s house, homemade chicken wings and cheap beer were waiting for me. I told you my friends take care of me.

The Electric Factory was packed, both floors, and the bandshell still covered. To note, Philly had come strong and was waiting to tear it up. Then, as we took the first sips of our drinks, they came out, the crowd erupted & they got to work. Starting with Mind of a Beast, the debut track off their recently launched album. They played it. Live. To explain, check out these pictures by my amazing friend Michael Gonzalez.

Their set up was an amalgam of pressure sensitive pads that look like they came off the bridge of the Defiant from DS9 or a Cylon raider. There was a heavy set of drums surrounding them all, and boy did those things glow. The trio of Ooah, Boreta & ediT proceeded to bang out one of the best shows I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in my short life. The raw power & animation stunned while commanding the crowd. This was not a dance party, this was a rock show, and they were the Gods of the hour.

After crashing out, I spent that Saturday eating & drinking my way across the city of Philadelphia, commiserating with friends, old and new. Many hours & many more beverages later, I found myself at Blurr, a tiny bar in deep illadelphia. Imperial Drum & Bass was setting up for another hard night, and Bailey was about to hit the decks. The D&B coming out of Self & Destin over the course of the night was hard and fast, with none of the liquid or smoothed out melodies you hear from Hospital Records. This was dank & dirty drum & bass. The heads there swapped out between hanging by the bar sucking down brews & ducking outside for quick smokes. There was a raw authenticity to the event that you rarely find in NYC these days, and the kids gave no fucks who was dressed in what or how much people were spending at the bar. It was all about dat bass yo.


Bailey took the decks and immediately blew everyone away. The d&b was relentless, with cuts and samples jarring the dance floor and knocking people around. It’s fun when you think there’s a mosh pit going on, but it’s really just bass assaulting people who got a little bit too close to the bottoms. I mean, until someone knocked a beer onto Bailey’s laptop. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the party was so intimate, that someone could actually just be drunk and ruin it for everyone. So while he was shaking his Macbook dry, my friends and I beat a hasty retreat back to my friend’s compound for additional good times before crashing out. The bus back to NYC would come soon enough, but as I pulled the covers up as I tried to get comfortable on a couch, I definitely knew that this weekend would herald some excellent adventures. Keep checking in here to see more of my “America, Fuck Yeah!” Tour. Let’s see what trouble I can get into.

(Pictures care of MVK & Access provided by ElectronicNightLife.com

Midnight Music: Max Frost – White Lies (Tune In Crew Remix) [Indie + Drum & Bass]

Tonight, I’m bringing you a remix of a Max Frost track entitled “White Lies.” The Tune In Crew are a funky duo of brothers from Strasbourg with a penchant for reworking tracks in surprisingly interesting ways. They’ve taken the indie tune and given it what could be liberally described as a drum & bass backbeat. The combination of the modified vocals, the bomping beat under the tune & their willingness to come to a complete stop at around 2.10 to emphasize just how much they’ve done to make the track their own make for a very fun four minutes. Put it into your ear holes and groove on it while you’re dancing around in your underwear getting ready for something.

Midnight Music: Seven Lions – Worlds Apart EP

Stop what you’re doing and listen. Ellie Goulding, Myon & Shane 54, Kerli & Tove Lo provide backup. This is massive epicstep with a dash of the fantastical. I’m so glad there’s more Seven Lions, and that he’s obviously been training for this moment. If you haven’t heard of this guy before, educate yourself. Right freaking now.

Miles Davis Fucks With CBS

Miles Davis Fucks With CBS

Bitches Brew would go on to be one of the most critical & important albums in the history of both Jazz & Rock. Just imagine the look on the guy’s face when he got the telegram. Or whatever the hell people used to communicate in the late 60’s. I love how “Please advise” means the same thing in business-speak no matter what era you’re in. (via Reddit)