EP of the Week: Flux Pavilion’s “Blow the Roof”

I have been a fan of this kid since someone bomped “Internet Connection” in their car for the first time and my head kind of got degaussed. His set at Starscape in 2011 was exactly what it needed to be and I am so glad that he was able to make a splash on this side of the pond.

“OneTwoThree” heralds the return of the massive, wobble-filled bass that we’ve come to expect from Flux. The bounce-y, vaguely gangsterish track leads into “The Scientist” which has more of that goodness but adds a fun vocal track and some triumphant chords which give it a glitchy but anthemic quality. “Blow the Roof” seems almost chip-tune’y in its liberal use of grimy bass and MC-enunciated vocals. It keeps up the energy of the EP while pushing into the even dirtier area of dubstep that seems almost rare these days in a lot of the larger EDM circles, as we are post-Skrillex. Is it welcome in this case however? Absolutely, and it’s an amazing reflection of what a banger should sound like these days.

“I Feel It” is a punchy, upbeat track that only dabbles in the realm of dubstep while pushing the extremely dance-y but kind of grimy in a sparkly kind of way. If that makes any sense. It does to me so we’ll keep it around. The bounce that accompanies the fun little synth work is well-received and separates the tune from the previous track or two on the EP. “Do or Die” is a live recording of what must be the best idea for collaboration I’ve seen in years. Childish Gambino is one of the most talented new lyricists the scene has seen in years. The track where he switches off dropping hotness with Flux, is a great reminder of what’s possible when it comes to some of the best dubstep producers and MCs remember they are on the same team. Seriously good work and a full album between the two of them once Glover is done with Community would probably be even more well received.

“Starlight” rounds out the EP with some more of Flux’s signature larger-than-life baller sound. Starlight reminds very strongly of my absolute favorite Flux Pavilion tracks “Blue Skies” which was a wonderful remix of a Jamiroquai track (found below). There’s a bass-based-braggadocio that Flux brings to his beats that is blissfully bassy (ok, I’ll stop). It’s a fantastic EP and a reminder that festival season is just around the corner and some of the tracks off of this joint right here are probably going to be pushed out of sub-woofers the size of a VW Golf soon enough 😀


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