EP of the Week: [R]evolution by Arkasia

I am so glad Arkasia has released something new so I can continue to gush all over the place about how much I love everything he does. This dude’s combination of amazing vocal sample choice, stupendous bass rhythms & epic progressions are not to be trifled with. And yes, I do mean epic. Listen to anything he’s done (especially the two tracks below) and you’ll see why his tunes need to be in the World of Warcraft Live-Action movie.

This week, in celebration of my birthday it seems, he’s dropped a sweet two piece EP called [R]evolution. The title track has a great synth-y produced vocal sample which crashes into some amazing D&B. The piece doesn’t fuck around at all and the sample is very in your face when it comes to the politics of revolution. Arkasia doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to topics discussed in his tracks (See below).  Except instead of it dropping into some mass-step, the d&b pulls you along and runs you around the park. With that continued triumphant sound that I’ve grown to idolize Arkasia for making sound effortless to compose and produce.

And one of my favorite tracks of his from 2012:

Mediattack is meatier D&B and the in-your-face “this is reality” reminders during the lulls in the action keep coming. An exceptionally fun build with a rambling beat breaks into some serious massive d&b reminiscent of Planet of the Drums, except with a seriously fat bass that only today’s tech can make. Kudos to Arkasia again, and if you’re with it, you’re gonna get it.



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