Album of RIGHT NOW: Chrono Jigga by “2 Mello”

Anyone who was anyone in 2004 remembers The Grey Album, heralding the birth of legit mash-up culture and solidifying DJ Dangermouse’s up-and-coming don’t give  fuck status. The playful beats and chords mixed wonderfully and created a laudable success. If you’ve never heard of this stuff, imagine if you saw this randomly 9 years ago.

Various mashup projects with the Black Album, with varying levels of success. The Linkin Park one came close to topping the Grey Album and then it all kind of petered out. Until now that is. This remix project is fantastic. The melodies are used excellently, the samples are dropped at just the right time and the project is neat and pay-what-you-can. Exactly what a hit should be, and I encourage you to toss a few bucks into the tip jar if you ever played the game or rocked the album. It’s worth it to reward people taking cool cross-boundary risks, plus hell, you probably spent more than that on corn you didn’t even want to day 😀


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