Mix of the Week – 8bitpeoples Sampler by TWD Industries

I, like many of my geeky Gotham cohort, can get down pretty hard to some chiptune. Whether it’s Blip Festival, the nerdier end of Baltimore DIY, the errant anime/comic convention I find myself at hitting their dance parties, or my own secret stash of chippy goodness that no one but me ever gets to hear, I’m a big fan of the bleeps and boops. This week, I was turned onto a really fun 8bit secret here in Gotham. TWD Industries was put into my face by two of the loveliest ladies I know so it was given the benefit of all the doubts. However, upon actual review, there was no need, as the work stands on its own quite well.

I do get annoyed with poor chiptune quickly, so it was very reassuring how quickly the mix picked up and kept me going with it. If you can drop both a compelling beat and enough ambient FX that I stay entertained you’ll keep my attention, but otherwise, I’m outtie in a big way. However, the mix rolls through a bunch of fun grooves in the first 4 minutes, solidly remaining chiptune throughout, but oscillating between heavy and light/airy bleeps & bloops.

The remix at 5:19 is amazing. A chip-tune remix of the “Ecstasy of Gold,” the theme to “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.” Yes you heard me right. And it could not work more. Watching the mix evolve from there is a delightful pleasure and it’s a fun way to ride out a Saturday I wager. Get at it chip-peeps, you won’t regret it.

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