Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Suntalk

And, after not being able to get details straight and embarrassing myself in front of the rockers, so I went. I saw a fantastic new band called Suntalk Saturday night. Rockers with serious chops, I can’t wait to hear them on the radio. I got to interview them after their tight set at the Rockwood, a cozy space just south of Houston St.

1. What is it like being a live band during the EDM boom?
Demetrius –
 It’s a little intimidating, a little bit. However, it’s also inspiring at the same time because, we believe in our music enough to still put it out. We still feel as if we have something worth giving. We didn’t die down, I know people who say “we can’t go up after that (dj).”  I’m still playing burner shows, and I make sure they listen to the music.

2. Have you guys worked together on other projects before or is this your first time?
Igor – I think it’s our first for everyone here. We’re working twice, three times a week, to work a lot, work hard. Build the chemistry, make the sound, do the actual work.

3. What can people who miss this show expect on your release?
Demetrius – A whirlwind of sound. If you’re going to see a live performance, once you’re there for that music, you’re going to get a whirlwind of performance as well. We’ve got a lot of really good stuff coming out & even stuff that’s not on the EP, the whole live set is amazing. We had the pleasure of working with Coyle (Girelli) from The Chevin, blowing us up, giving us sparks, and having everything being mixed & produced at Electric Lady. So it was created in the space of greatness, and you can feel that in the work.

4. Any inspirations for this your kind of unique sound?
Demetrius – This pulls from the elements of great rock music. Pulled from all the greats.
Igor – Interpol & Muse. I personally Editors in this band,
Depeche Mode.
Igor – But the whole thing is, why the band is the way it is, I think is because we have a diversity of backgrounds. We have punk rock people, we have professional musicians, we have people who are more into poppy different kinds of things. And we all combine, which doesn’t usually happen. Normally these people are like “these guys are not my cup of tea,” and nothing comes of it. But this is really an opportunity for something unique to come out, because of the different personalities involved. I think.

5. Are you trying to get booked on the festival circuit, or are you doing more traditional touring?
Demetrius – When I think of our sound, my ultimate goal is arenas. Stadiums, arenas, because it’s a big sound, so we carry it to the masses. But, of course we’re open to festivals as well. We’re young and fun.
Igor – And I like to hit it hard so I would love to play for bigger venues.

6. Where would you want to play/who would you want to open for if you could?
Igor – Personally, it’s not that important. It’s not my starting point, or why I’m doing this. I know it’s going to come, I think it’s going to come if everything comes into place, and that just drives me to play as good as possible.
Demetrius – For me as a native New Yorker, this is what I love to do. And I have to say Madison Square Garden. And if, If I could open up? Coldplay. I love Coldplay. I think they’re an awesome, awesome band. We put them on a pedestal because they do what we want to.
Igor – And actually we want to open for The Chevin some day.

7. Have you thought about collaborations with djs to get suntalk remixed?
Igor – I think it’s a little bit early for that.
Lior – I don’t think it’s our cup of tea. Demetrius as a singer, has such a unique voice, I don’t think we would want or need any other voice with him. Maybe in the future, you can never say never.
Igor – It’s not on our list of priorities, it’s not how the band thinks I think. We’re just doing things one step at a time, trying to put our maximum into performance. Trying to make people love what we do, and to share what we feel is good.
Demetrius – Yes, because as we live in an electronica world & we have electronic elements, we need to keep on fusing to produce a synchronized sound of electronic rock alternative dance music.

8. After nyc where are you headed next?
Demetrius – Hopefully on tour. We share this music with everyone else.
Lior – The widest variety of audiences is what we’re looking for. We’re looking forward to going on tour and big events/venues, but I think anyone who would like to hear us is welcome. We have a lot to offer, we’re Rock & Roll. We’re Pop. We’re Kicking Ass.
Igor – This band is timeless. When you’re 55, 60, like my mom’s friends, still like the music? And the people who consider themselves alternative, do as well.

9. Do any of you have side projects besides this or is this everyone’s only thing right now?
Demetrius – With the amount of work I’m putting into this, and for the amount of gain I want from this, this is me, I’m the frontman, lead singer, this is all I’m doing you know.
Lior – I’m originally from Israel, I came here with an artist visa, there I was a hired bass player. I have here, a few small things, but of course this is my main project that I’m giving everything I’ve got to, obviously. We’re all in the same boat here.

10. How would you tell fans to describe your sound to convince their friends to come to your show?
Lior –  I don’t like categorizing the sound. You can say it’s like rock, electronic, pop.
Demetrius –  I would say, it’s like seeing Freddie Mercury & Black Michael Jackson’s baby in Coldplay with interpol’s son & the nephew of the cure. Like the kids of Depeche Mode adopted the black kid of Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury. Very important that Freddie is in there.

(And you know, it is Very important that Freddie is in there. They’re also playing Gratitude, a huge underground event on Dec. 14 in secret Brooklyn. You’ll hear more about this event soon.)

Check them out on the internets, and make sure to show some love to the EP next January.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suntalkmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SUNTALKMUSIC
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/suntalk

5 thoughts on “Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Suntalk

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  2. LOVE! I’m always looking for new music, and this makes the list! The vocals are incredible. I love Demetrius’ description of the band as the kids of Depeche Mode adopting Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury’s son – very much fits the sound of this music. I’ll be heading over to iTunes now….

  3. Hey I have listened to the demo Terry. Very energetic and I can see what you mean for how your influences have inspired you. I can certainly hear the elements of a classy upbeat tune. I am a musician myself and love playing in bands and always appreciate good original music. Nice one Terry and keep getting the music out there for the world to experience 🙂


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