Midnight Music: The Glitch Mob’s New Music Video For Skytoucher, Single Off “Love Death Immortality”

The new Glitch Mob album was released today, and it’s the bees knees (totes magotes). Now that I’ve gotten the retro/poser language out of the way, I can discuss the totally original production that the trio of Ooah, Boreta & ediT have brought to the fore. Many have been a bit concerned about the amped up energy, BPM & electro-metal-style synths. These guys have been killing it since Drink The Sea debuted, forever altering my party & chillout playlists. Buy the album here and check out the previous music video from their single “Can’t Kill Us” below. Expect a full album review shortly. I just want to listen to it about fifty more times first.


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