Only One Copy Of The Next Wu-Tang Clan Album Will Ever Exist.


Wu-Tang’s next album will be sold in an extremely small run. Total number of copies? One. That’s right. Forbes released a piece detailing the purpose & aims, which can be found here. Apparently, the album will never be released in digital format and will only be available to be heard at festivals, galleries, museums and showcases, as if a traveling painting. I cannot over-emphasize how much I like this idea (with Bob Lefsetz) backing me up. The buzz created just from the Forbes article is enough that it’s worth the action. This will be one of the most sought-after works in the world. I’ll pay $30 to go listen to it after giving up my cell phone & listening in sponsored Beats headphones or something, so will everyone else. Or, I’ll just listen at Coachella or Electric Zoo. Is there a Wu-Tang Booth somewhere at Miami Music Week? We’ll find out.

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