Midnight Music: Four Tet – “Unspoken” (Stunning Remarks By One A Day)

I’ve been a fan of Four Tet for a while, but it’s a fandom that I’ve always kept close to the chest. Just like my love of Burial, it’s not really something you can describe at a bar or a party without seeming like a stupid fucking hipster. Four Tet has been breaking ground in electronica for longer than I’ve been aware of him, and One Song A Day took the time to really give him the respect he deserves. Four Tet is so awesome he has a Wikipedia page, and if you don’t understand why, just listen to either of the pieces of media I’ve included in this post. There is a poise, grace & vision to the work he does, which, compared to Afro “I can’t count to 4” Jack’s latest work. One A Day reminded that music criticism should involve an awareness of music, and as someone who has that, I can’t agree more with his choice of Four Tet. You can tell, in under 360 seconds that every single note put there, is put there for a reason. This is not a mistake or a mixdown artifact. You’re hearing it because he wants you to. There’s a very small group of artists doing that in the EDM space. Four Tet is one of them. You’ll hear about the others if you keep checking this blog I wager.


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