Morrissey Announces New Album Filled With Hilariously Emo Track Titles.

Morrissey has always impressed me, though I find the sound to be somewhat difficult to take seriously. However, after seeing the new album’s track names, it’s going to be really hard to listen to someone in Colonial Williamsburg detail how he was an inspiration for their current singer-songwriter “identity.” These are kind of amazing:

1 World Peace Is None Of Your Business (4:21)
2 Neal Cassady Drops Dead (4:02)
3 Istanbul (4:40)
4 I’M Not A Man (7:50)
5 Earth Is The Loneliest Planet (3:38)
6 Staircase At The University (5:30)
7 The Bullfighter Dies (2:05)
8 Kiss Me A Lot (4:03)
9 Smiler With Knife (5:13)
10 Kick The Bride Down The Aisle (5:18)
11 Mountjoy (5:08)
12 Oboe Concerto (4:07)

When “Oboe Concerto” is the least maudlin sounding track name on the album, I can’t wait to hear what this sounds like.


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