New Flashbulb Album “Nothing Is Real” May 12th!!

If you’ve never heard of Benn Jordan, I’m almost jealous of you. I first stumbled across this guy late one night on a chan board, where some of his early work had been added as the soundtrack to some particularly compelling flash animation (no, not porn). This led to a general purchase and enjoyment of a significant amount of his catalog.

This guy’s body of work under multiple monikers is impressive, as is his pace of production. Big Room DJs don’t produce as much as Benn in an off year and The Flashbulb’s compositions have more complexity in 12 seconds than DVBBs has had in its entire career. Apparently there’s newness coming out in less than a month time and there’s a general feeling of glee from me, as his intensely complex & stupefyingly beautiful work is always welcome in my ears. Listen to things and get excited too.

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