Arcade Fire Gets Andrew Garfield To Teach Us About Being Trans.

Arcade Fire is back and they’re not settling for just pushing into your ear drums. They’re using their significant fame & stage presence to push the idea of Trans acceptance into your universe. The music video for their new track “We Exist” features Amazing Spiderman star Andrew Garfield, which is a huge pick up considering how big the movie is right now. The video shows him on his quest to become a her. There’s a lot of touching work on the part of  Garfield in this video, with the track throbbing with energy but in that restrained, indie way that only the Arcade Fire could produce. The video crescendos into fame and confused acceptance, and is a lot more smartly done than your average PSA, especially when dudes are kicking ass wearing heels in the dance number a little over halfway in. I hope this starts a conversation for you. Kudos to Arcade Fire & Peter Parker for making this happen.


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