Midnight Music: Summmmer Playlist By Samantha Irby

So, I don’t usually post about things involving either writers or Spotify, but I’ve gotta make an exception for this. Her piece on clubbing when not 12 in Chicago is a triumph. My absolute favorite user of words on the internet put out a Summer playlist to match her new blog post. I’d probably figure out something to say about it even if it was shit, just to get y’all to go read her hilariousness, but frankly, the playlist is solid. The Rapture, David Lynch, J Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff  (fuck yea), Wailers Marley, Mount Kimbie and SOHN are joined by a bunch of heads I’m not familiar with, so I’ve been putting them in the face since I started reading the article, and haven’t been disappointed. There’s not a stitch of EDM or wack, Heineken-infused brostep here because, in case you can’t tell after reading a paragraph, she’s the exact opposite of basic. Put it into your face when you go drink champagne in the park wearing Aviator sunglasses with your friends that one time this summer. (Photo from the blog post. If you like it, hit up the book here


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