How To Make A Pop Hit By Brett Domino (I & II)

Laughing Squid tipped me off to this fantastic video on how to make a modern pop hit. I do enjoy the evolution of these things, and Brett Domino manages to capture the shifting target that is “whatever the hell do you people want” in their radio play. Now that everyone has heard the Jason Derulo song that he’s playing fast and loose with in the tune, check out this breakdown above. Brett is quite entertaining and the freshness of the process is lovely. Especially with the inspirational shout outs to Jennifer Lawrence. Bassoons are a welcome addition to any pop hit, just saying. He did a follow-up this weekend moving from the pop vocal hit to how to add sick choruses (what’s the plural of chorus?) to your amazing pop track. Kudos to you Mr. Domino. And now I feel like I just said goodbye to a Bond villain.


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