Burning Man Becomes Battleground for Tech Elites: the Real Story

No one has said it better. So sad I missed that trash fence Daft Punk DJ set 😉

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

Thanks to Alex Mak for penning this guest post.

Burning Man Becomes Battleground for Tech Elites; The Real Story

by Alex Mak

Monday Morning: 11am: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

A hot breeze blew over the city.  The massive wooden man creaked, and thousands of unused, baby blue porta potties stood lonesome in the midday sun.
“Where is everyone? asked Sergey.  The only people playing music are the djs we hired.”  With that Sergey tossed the last bit of lobster tail down to Skrillex and Diplo who fought over it hungrily, grunting and clawing on the deck bellow.
“Ya.” Said Larry.  “You don’t think all those articles about billionaires ruining Burning Man stopped people from coming do you?”
Just then Larry peered down at the fortune cookie that Alice Waters had packed in his lunchbox marked ‘Monday Lobster Lunch’.  The note inside said, “Nobody goes there anymore…it’s too crowded”.  Larry…

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