DJ Joman Is Weirder Than Ever. [Epic Always Sunny In Philadelphia Remix]

Well this is stunning. I’m not sure how you even storyboard something like this. Joman, after totally dominating my earholes for months in 2013 with Daymanstep, has returned with an even more ambitious project. Instead of just pulling from a couple of shows, he pulled from multiple seasons, all the way up to Season 9. To be clear, everything you’re seeing, was actually aired by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, so keep that in mind. It takes 2min to even get to the explosive proglectro remix that we were waiting around for. Through and through, this is a stunning project that will make your relatives uncomfortable. This is up there with some Williams Street shit, except this one actually has a dance beat and not that sweet, sweet Aqua Teen Hunger Force money. To be clear, a tremendous effort that I’ll use on people who say they love illadelphia & hate dance music. Just try not to show this to someone who is tripping too hard. That might not go well for them.


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