Midnight Music: Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix Remix) [Soulful Drum & Bass]

Mistabishi really can do great work when he puts his mind to it. This track from a while ago, really encapsulates what the genre of drum & bass can be. The Matrix remix of From Memory and the music video created for Hospital Records is equally good. Watching the creativity of a human drain away from them while they work their lives away have become one of the central stories of the Western world in the modern age. This video is no exception, and frankly, especially at this point, I think we need to be reminded to do it more. Especially when there are no guarantees of job security even if you play by all the rules. The idea that his mixer & system are in a box labeled “old stuff” and he’s still rocking an old CRT monitor really give the video a little bit more authentic resonance than you’d expect. The vibe here is almost hopeful, which is shocking for a UK release, I know.


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