#FestFriday: Prepping for a Camping Festival

My girl Ravelrie drops a stack of knowledge & handy organizing documents for your festival needs! If there’s anyone who knows what she’s doing it’s Mama Unicorn & she deserves your attention. Yes, bring a 2nd pair of sunglasses, yes be honest about how much alcohol you’re drinking (so bring a commensurate level of water/electrolytes) and so many more dope tips! See everyone on Twitter at 4:30p EST for #FestFriday!


Festival season has arrived, and with it comes a slew of camping festivals all over the world, as well as the traditional three day in-and-out festivals.

Camping festivals can be SUPER daunting, especially if you have never been to one before. Lucky for you, all camping festivals go by the following 5 major guidelines:

  1. NO GLASS! All beverages / liquids MUST be in plastic or in a can.
  2. Do not bring any sharp objects! Not only can they poke through your luggage, but they’re universally prohibited items.
  3. Activate your wristband! Most festivals are cashless these days, and you can add money to your wristband by activating it prior to the festival; however, some wristbands also provide some other really great info, like your emergency contact info in the event of an emergency. You also can’t scan in to the festival unless your wristband is activated.
  4. Make a list. It’s a…

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