Midnight Music: An Hour of Etherwood, Majestic Drum & Bass


One of my favorite discoveries last year was Etherwood. A supremely talented D&B producer & DJ from the UK, he was swiftly picked up by Med School, the Hospitality support label. This is a huge pickup for them, and I’m so glad to see he’s getting billing & performance time at shows I can’t go to in the UK. The mix is amazing, featuring his music in addition to ill picks from d:Bridge, London Elektricity and a bunch of other Hospital. There is also a link to 2 other hour long mixes as he’s on the decks for BBC One Weekly this month! Don’t sleep on this if you’re a D&B fan, you’ll thank me. Can’t wait to see where this guy goes in 2014, especially after this quartet of hotness.

Mix of the Week: Mat Zo’s Essential Mix

If you haven’t heard of Mat Zo, I’m almost jealous of you. A producer that’s had some amazing trance tracks out over the last few years and a solid DJ in his own right, he was invited to put out an Essential Mix finally. What could have been a middle of the road, fun, dancey and upbeat 2 hours, turned into a soaring, inspiring and almost bewilderingly well executed mix. 70 tracks in 2 hours, narrated with quotes from Cosmos by Carl Sagan. Genre after genre of music pushed together with the touch of a master.

Again, this is one of those things I could yammer on about for a while, or, you could just go listen to it. So. Do that. Like. As quickly as you can. You’ll thank me. And Mat Zo. Mostly him, but a little for me too 😀