EP Of The Weekend: Invention – Hallucinature EP [Chill Future Bliss]

From Future Bass Fridays, officially the best thing coming out of White Raver Rafting these days, this new EP by Invention. I’m such a huge fan of the Future Bass sound, especially as the massive anthem era of 2011-2014 dies a hilariously painful death. Bluffs brings in some chilled beats through that remind you of walking around in the rain while trying to find your way in the world. Tight, lush sounds that wash over you this EP needs your after-party or lounging attention. Equip & Moon Life keep the serene vibe going, each, moving in their own delightfully downtempo way. This is hammock music, or snuggling someone you like in a blanket after getting home from a ridiculous weekend. Sumarounds out the little joint with some jazzy cyberlounge, if that’s even a thing yet. The track reminds strongly of Ninja Tune, which is saying something, as my friends out there that know their downtempo can attest.