Attend: Groove Therapy 10 Year Anniversary

I was lucky enough to hit up a couple of Groove Therapy shows when I was in the city and the events at SRB, Sullivan Room & other spots were utterly ridiculous. On May 15th, Slake is going to have a heavy dose of vintage Groove Therapy. The label has been holding it down in the scene for a decade (as you may have guessed), which, in NYC, might as well be a century. Staying in biz that long is no easy feat, and this party is a testament to their resilience in a fast-changing, expensive as fuck city.

This is going to be an absolute shitshow. The lineup is a who’s who in NYC rave massive. This kind of music doesn’t get played out very much anymore and it’s a FREE PARTY. That’s right, just like the good old days before the 30-40 buck tickets came out. Slake is hosting this ridiculousness so it’s also nice & central for people from all parts of the city.
To show how long these cats have been running around, I’ve included a Lenny Dee set from 1995, and a heavy techno mix from DJ Gonzo from 3 days ago! It’s not as if these people have retired, they’re still out there doing work. They know what their crowd has wanted through the years, and I’m going to be really interested to see what happens when these sounds come out from under the EDM rug. They’ve been swept under since the explosion of Big Room, but it seems that’s faded. These guys are going strong and I think their community will be out in force to support.
The collab/b2b aspect of the event is going to be proper. Double Dragon going to give us a legit jungle set, coming off #marchdnbmadness, we’re all itching for more. I have no idea what genre or genres Dali, Hiyawatha & Alex English are going to drop, but I assume the set is going to be one for the record books. This b2b2b will be more than enough to get the party started. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

They’re opening up the 2nd room for this night and piling in a bunch more of the Groove Therapy DJs. PJay, HOWHARD, Integrity, Steve Nice and HardBass Addicts all ring a bell if you’re a veteran of the NYCRavers & previous eras of parties. Back when before CandyBall was banished to Exit in Brooklyn & when Brooklyn warehouse parties had not a soul for blocks in every direction. These tunes will definitely bring you back and help show us where the local scene is going. To get your name on the RSVP list, go here.

Jamie XX Is So Freaking Good At Music.

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof RavingJamie XX continues to blow me away. I’ve used the word lush before to describe music, but there’s a thickness, a richness to the soundscapes that Jamie XX creates. This is something I don’t think many artists in the scene approach, much less match. The samples intersperse a different UK scene in his music. This is equivalent for progressive house quoting Chicago House DJs discussing the Chicago House scene. If it was done by anyone less skilled than Jamie XX, it would be downright disrespectful. However, the massive & perfect use of bass and synthetic feels, provides this classic UK rave feel combined with these ragga drums. This jungle infused-garage is sophisticated but effortless. The massive beat seems to fill the spaces in your shuffling awareness, as the samples echo in your mind. Hardcore is a genre that seemed unstoppable, but now you’d be hard pressed to find someone old enough to remember it at a lot of NYC parties. Which, to me is bonkers, but just goes to show you. Nothing lasts forever. Carpe that diem y’all.

Photos of the Original CBGB’s Walls, Fresh Out of Storage.

The Gothamist checked out the original/archived walls from CBGB’s (the famed punk and hardcore club on the Bowery) and brought along a photographer. If you were into punk, rock, hardcore, metal or were just generally angry, you had at least one or two really good CBGB’s stories. Mine involved the Bloodhound Gang, Miller Lite and ambient hooliganism, with most of us cutting our teeth and seasoning our guitar & leather jacket palette in and around this place. Jim Kiernan (the photographer) was also a regular, so he’s created some great shots that need to get seen. Props to the Gothamist for making this happen.

All photos by Jim Kiernan.