Black Flag’s First Album In 20 Years “What If” Can Be Streamed On Spotify Right Now!

Just in case you needed some anger in your Thursday, Black Flag has another album out. The first one in two decades. I’ve not gotten it all into my face yet, but I didn’t really feel like starting a soccer riot today, so it might not be for me at the moment? Hit it up on Spotify if you’re interested, and someone call Henry Rollins, I want to hear him review the album. (via FACT)

“Watch the seasons, walk the miles, survive the time.” ~Henry Rollins

If you don’t know who Henry Rollins is, I’m going to need to ask for any and all music cred you feel you have back. The frontman for seminal hardcore punk band Black Flag, he went on to campaign for LBGT rights, worker protection, veterans rights and other areas of social justice. And he performs for the troops to boot. So, educate the mind, and check out one of my favorite monologues from him. One of the more entertaining monologues about UK acid house & techno and the origins of electronica. And he bitches out commercial rock at the end too 😀