Hip Hop: A Genre Infographic

1127_1210388265656145_8482012181554222604_nClick to embiggen, it’s actually an on-point representation of flow style. One thing I especially like about it is the inclusion of old school & new school. Because you totally forgot LL Cool J looked like that didn’t you? Also, I miss Andre 3000. Not sure who created it, so if it’s yours, let me know so I can attribute it properly.

The Rise and Fall of Wu-Tang | Visual.ly

The Rise and Fall of Wu-Tang | Visual.ly

Sick Infographic discussing the history of the Wu-Tang Clan. Because you both needed a new hip hop playlist, and the ability to argue with that wigger at parties you go to about which album did well and whether Method was actually out of the country Liquid Swords being worked on.