Punk Rock & Gender Roles

I can’t say I find myself headbanging very often. My hair is pretty short and that type of behavior doesn’t really mix with a lot of the scenes I run through these days, but, there I was. Honest-to-goodness headbanging, beer in hand, maybe 3 feet from a giant speaker, standing in a bar on Houston Street. I’d not been to anything that resembled a punk, metal or thrash show in years, especially with the slow, agonizing death of CBGBs, but a friend had tipped me off to a new sound that was making its debut this evening, so I made my way over. Was he ever right, JENNCiTY is definitely an act I can’t wait to hear more from. The group has female lead vocals & lead guitar which is a sorely needed presence in this space, now more than ever. But, back to the punk rocking.

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