Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) Provides Guest Vocals For “Game Of Moans” (Not That Kind).

Now that the new season has started, GoT mania is at a fevered pitch. Just in case you needed a little bit more of the Stark family in your life, BBC Radio 1 has created the “Game of Moans.” This 5min spoof piece features Sansa & Matt Edmondson (not a character from Season 4) just complaining about first world problems. It never gets any more elaborate or complicated than that, but it’s amusing as hell nonetheless. Plus, I bet your GoT-obsessed friends probably haven’t consumed this piece of media yet, so get the scoop on them. And also, anyone who can rhyme being annoyed with people who don’t know how to use their/there/they’re get infinite props from me. So Matt, please find your props in NYC if/when you make it over to Gotham 😀