3 Rap Mashups You’ll Laugh At.

First up is Busta Rhymes vs. Thomas The Tank Engine. This works way more than I thought it would. Also, holy crap Busta raps fast. This gets out of hand, and it’s only 45 seconds long.

Slim Shady beats + Gas Pedal = An intense amount of win. Especially considering a whole lot of young listeners have no idea what this beat is. The end gets a little dumb but that just shows what happens when you turn your knobs all the way.

Last one is kind of shocking. Ludacris + Angry Birds works way too well. Like, I’m kind of shocked, though I really shouldn’t be. This + the Busta stuff proves that we should just make a cartoon with Luda, Busta, Marshall Mathers & Nas fighting the evil Chris Brown Empire. Along the way they learn the meaning of friendship, justice and learning, is this possible? Can we make this happen?