Drum & Bass + Insane Racing Game Footage

I had forgotten this existed and now I’m astonished I didn’t remember. Car gaming going insanely fast, looping the loop repeatedly in every direction. I thought to myself, I’d play the shit out of this game. Smooth track, tight controls, ridiculous car details, what’s up. Not only does it exist, but the trailer for it is absolute madness.200 person maps?! There’s a Twitch stream, so now this just needs to get all escher style & crazy in map design and we’re good to go. Shout out to Sarah Burgess & Goku for the ill track, which if you wanted separate from the automobiles, here it is for your aural pleasure. (via r/oddlysatisfying)

Snoop Lion & Major Lazer Meet Pokemon In Their New Video!

Well, it seems they’re big into what the kids are into, I think? Or perhaps they just want to seem like they’re cool and/or “with it” while trying to get the word out on this new collaboration. Glad to see there aren’t any bitches or booty in this video for once. Perhaps our taste is evolving…from booty to video games? Not sure if that’s an upgrade or not…thoughts?