Trent Reznor’s new project is just ever so positive & happy.

So Trent’s new project (involving his wife, Atticus Ross & Rob Sheridan and others) will allow you to continue to make the argument that Trent has given up all hope on humanity & its ability recover from the dystopian past it is stumbling down at present. One of his last entrees into the music world was his work remixing Modwheelmood’s “The Great Destroyer,” which was an excellent wail against the machine & I enjoyed the track quite a bit. For those confused as to what I’m talking about, see below:

Nine Inch Nails – The Great Destroyer from DandyJon on Vimeo.

As you can see, this path is long coming, and the new video doesn’t disappoint. In a heart-wrenchingly brutal way, the video tells the story of the post-apocalyptic struggle for survival, and alludes to quite a bit of change on the planet and in humanity. The track is a haunting accompaniment, but almost positive in comparison to the video. It escalates quickly, but returns to its crushing humanity at the end. The tune remains on the synthy-industrial end of the spectrum, one of the spheres of influence Trent has a significant mastery over. This ensures the smoothness of the seemingly out of place industrial samples go with the general groove of the track and amplify the post-apocalyptic vibe it has going.

Great track & video just in case you started off Monday with a swing in your step.