Music Video With Kitty On Speaker. What Are You Waiting For?

I’m stunned no one has thought of this before. Also, I have no idea how they got the cat to stay still for the entirety of this shoot. Lernert & Sander are two high concept artists out of Amsterdam, and did this great little video for De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig for their song “Manon.” I have no idea how to pronounce this group’s name but I really don’t care. It’s a great little video and I now want all the gifs made of it. Get on that internets. The cats command it.

Cattle Rap Is My New Favorite Thing.

This is everything good & right on the internet right here. Someone got the brilliant idea to take cattle auctioneers & drop hip hop beats under them. While this seems like one of the higher ideas to come out of a college basement, the two videos I’ve linked are some of the better examples. The video above is the high water mark for the genre, a fun little vid that came out in 2014. The one below is the original that really got the movement (lol) going. This kind of “hey, this is a wacky combination, I’m bored, here’s my offering” thing that’s part of the internet now makes for some truly dopey shit. Enjoy this one & shake Monday off. If you’re super into the track, you can get it on Bancamp here as well.

STUDIOKAMP feat. Rick Shoemaker – Cattle Rap from studiokamp on Vimeo.

Eclectic Method Is Back!

This kind of annotated video isn’t something we see very often, but just in case you wanted a little refresher on the origins of the music you’ll be dancing to all summer, check Eclectic Method‘s video out. People generally never remember it, or cleverly forget it when they’ve lifted something profitable from the past (coughrobinthickecough). While it’s a little light on the morass of darkness, just in case you wanted something a little more geeky fun, I’ve got a bonus video from Eclectic Method just on lightsabers. Because, when you’re as good as the Eclectic Method at video editing, you can make a music video from pretty much any sound you want. Check it & more of his projects out at his site.

A 3.5min Video Shot In 5 Seconds. Music Videos Are Getting Crazy.

I don’t even really know how to classify this, but you need to know this exists. Someone filmed a music video in under 5 seconds, and then stuck it to this. Siska does some amazing work for the actual song part of this video, and she deserves your attention as well. However, I just wanted to emphasize that I’ve never seen anything like this, and up until about 5 minutes ago in camera technology, this was literally & physically impossible. And now it’s not. There’s your afternoon pick-me-up. Welcome to the future, where even our music videos impossibly different. And yes, this is another French visual artist killing it. (via This Is Colossal)

Midnight Music: Senbeï – Raïn

SENBEÏ – RAIN from Victor Jardel on Vimeo.

Victor Jardel has created a masterpiece for a music video. Senbeï (woo copy/paste!) is a fascinating artist and this music video really brings out the best in what he’s created. Victor Jardel‘s creatures come to life and I kind of want to be able to 3D print them and put one on my desk in my office. The design is stupendously polished, with the gremlins blending effortlessly into the background in Paris. The retro-infused beat is broken delightfully, and really needs to get a lot more press. The tune straddles turntablism, electro soul, and an almost Japanesese neo-punk aesthetic at times. I know I just used aesthetic to describe a sound, but you’re also reading about something you can listen to & see, so don’t shoot the messenger 😀 It’s a tremendous effort by Senbeï and I’ve definitely put him on my radar. (via Laughing Squid)

The Lower East Side In 1995. For Serious.

This is legit. This is what Ludlow used to look like, back when no one with money would be caught dead there. Before the bars and the bunch and the lines, there were artists, and fashion, and people hanging out. You know, like you’d see in a place that people could afford to live in. I think these two videos (h/t to Corey Shaff & the Gothamist for this) can really illustrate the NYC that a lot of us remember, but is now so far from possible, it’s hard to even describe. The quality of the video is a great reminder of the era, as is the fashion, the kookiness of the

Burial’s Rival Dealer Inspires Short Film By Ben Dawkins

This is an exquisite little short done after some awesome people in the UK listened to “Rival Dealer” by Burial. Hyperdub was approached by Ben Dawkins, who wanted to use the track to score a short, sweet, awesome film. They were all over it , and we have this potent, riveting and masterfully shot thing to enjoy because of it. Hey labels, get on this. Find directors who make movies with your music. We’d watch it.

Hoop Perfection: Form, Mathematics & Beats

Etereas / Animation Shortfilm from Flaminguettes on Vimeo

All of you amazing people need to watch this stupendous hooping video. I cannot imagine how many hours in post-production this took, especially when it came to the sheer volume of vector artwork that was added to the stunning hoop work. It’s the afternoon, you can take a break and watch it, I promise. You earned it for getting through Monday and this morning. (via @MASSEDMC)