Warehouse Project deaths prompt pilot testing program in the UK.

For the first time as far as I can tell, a club will be testing any drugs confiscated to check for bunk pills, bad molly, stepped-on cocaine, and other harmful substances. This is in response to the death of a 25 year old during a party in late Sept. in Manchester.

The results will be sent out via social media/text messages to the party-goers in the club, so they can ensure they don’t buy or take any bad drugs. While this seems like a no-brainer, this type of action would leave a club or party open to criminal liability under the RAVE Act here in the USA.

Here is to hoping something comes of this, and the authorities on this side of the pond come to their senses.

Happy Daft Punk Day! Get Lucky & Interstella 5555 Mashup

Yo dawg, I herd you like Daft Punk, so I put some Daft Punk in your Daft Punk, so you can Daft Punk while you Daft Punk.

Get Lucky has been released and should be exploding all over your intertrons. Here’s a mashup with Interstella 5555 the fantastic “House Musical” that was done with Discovery. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

Miss Sabado “wrecks it well.”

My girl Miss Sabado, who just killed it two weekends ago at GlamTech is profiled by onebeat.tv as a DJ who wrecks it. As a long time fan I can definitely attest to that. Connie, as Resolute’s top resident, is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Check out all 4 and don’t sleep when they’re playing. And check out more on Miss Sabado by clicking on the amazing picture of her below. If you don’t know about her yet, you will.

Cirque Du Soleil teaming up with Skrillex to launch a trippy new Vegas nightclub/circle of Hell

Cirque du Soleil is getting into EDM…or Skrillex is running away with the circus? I’m not sure which, but it’s kind of amazing.  April 26th we’ll be seeing an opening of one of the first new offerings when it comes to luxury electronic dance music. Something’s going to happen but we’re not really sure what. Will it involve aerialists? Probably. Will there be bass? Bet on it. Confirmed residencies from Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer, with I’d imagine a laundry list of producers chomping at the bit to do crazy shit with Cirque du Soleil.


A techno nerd reviews DJ Pauly D

Highlights include Levels being played three times, a possible pre-recorded set, and a gaggle of 16 year olds that can barely keep their shit together during some incompetent scratching & mixing. I almost feel bad for the guy. Except then I realize he’s got 2x the fbook followers of Armin Van Buuren and I feel bad for the world instead.

Quote of the article: “9:37pm – Pauly attempts to scratch for the first (of many) times. Someplace, somewhere, DJ Shadow shudders and doesn’t know why.”

Mix of the Week – Natural Drift by Yellow@theLight

Yellow@theLight is a project by a dear friend, Chris LaMear, who deserves as much credit and press for his work as possible. This stuff is freaking amazing. I was originally introduced to him over a year ago and could not ignore his attention to detail, perfect execution and absurdly good track choice. The mixes and produced tracks flow like wine, and even with what’s occurred in his home neighborhood of Breezy Point (one of the areas hit hardest by Sandy) there is a positive and joyous sound throughout his latest mix.

Flowing from deep house openers to some pretty fun disco & funky house, all in the first 20 minutes, followed by some progressive & electro’y goodness. This guy has range and I have no idea where he gets his tracks, but they all rock. One ridiculous groove after another. He knows how to create transitions and builds that lend a massive confidence to the dance floor. There is this aura of celebrity and fabulousness with a lot of his set work, and this is no exception. However, it’s got a huge heart, and there’s this really warm groove to where he goes throughout his mixes and live work. It’s never nasty or off-putting, and even the dirtiest of electro and dubby goodness still doesn’t grate at the senses. A very thin line to walk, and he dances along it.

This is central to where I think DJing is going to go over the next 5 years. Being able to maintain a recognizable sound, across different sub-genres & even genres of EDM. Flux Pavilion, DeadMau5, Skrillex and others all have a signature feel to them. They’re recognizable and you can get a sense on the dance floor of when you’re listening to one of their tracks or set work by them. Yellow@theLight is fast generating that same signature feel. 32min in is one of those moments. The massive, triumphant electro’y, dubby goodness makes me think of my man tearing it up behind the decks, to as large of a crowd as possible. The amazing breakdowns after 33ish combined with the mean as hell vocals & dubby build give way to some amazingly filthy electrohouse.

I still cannot understand how this guy hasn’t been picked up by Mau5trap or someone in LA. This sound remains absolutely ridiculous and I was given the extreme pleasure of living near a weekly residency he had in my hood for a little bit. This mix continues to win all over the place and you’re better off listening to it and the previous ones that have been put out all over the spot. Get at it. Tell em Terry Gotham sent you.