Earworm of the Month: Pink is Punk & Benny Benassi – Ghost (ft. Bright Lights) [Dyro Remix]

The song is hauntingly good if not a bit abusive when it comes to its treatment of subwoofers. First discovered on DJ Tiesto’s Club Life (don’t judge), this sweet remix from a youngling that goes by the name of Dyro, the track cannot be ignored. Dyro was recently featured on a list of up-and-coming DJs that are way too fucking young to be dropping beats this fucking phat. I can’t speak to Pink is Punk but if they’re working with Benny Benassi, the crowds must be satisfied. Yes, I’m going to walk away from that terrible pun and move back to the track at hand.

The video isn’t the official one for the remix/track, but the time-lapse photography works well enough, especially when lightning is involved. The tune starts off with some crushingly good vocal work and matches it with some ascendant synthy-bass. The build is quite nice and blasts into a big room house track that’s a bit less melodic than I’d like it to be, but I was too busy being blown around the room by my subwoofer to register my complaints. In case you’re interested in checking out any of the 3 peeps that had something to do with this sweet collab, hit up the links below. Also, turn the sub down a teensy bit before you crank it up 😀

Pink Is Punk

Benny Benassi



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