22 Tracks You Missed in April 2013


As April showers turn to May flowers and the random weird people turning their A/Cs on way too early in the year, I’ve got 22 tracks that got put into my awareness over the last 30 days. A bunch of fun stuff as usual, with some ethereal but deep & meditative downtempo/chill stuff from LuQuS, Soular Order, Critical, Headphone Activist & Henry Saiz. ak9 drops a delightful track to round out the more calm side of things with “When You Come Home” which has become a fast favorite.

Speeding things up a touch we’ve got some lovetrap (because fuck your genres that’s why) by Cashmere Cat, two fun international drum & bass tracks, one from the New Zealanders called The Upbeats (fantastic name right?) & a Japanese DJ who impressed me a little while back named Nave-W, some additional sickness by Feed Me who is probably incapable of disappointing anymore.  Dub Scout is definitely someone I’m going to keep my eye on as this remix of Like/Unlike is delightful. There’s also a WIP (work-in-progress) that’s kind of mind-blowing. Trance and Drum&Bass in one song? I must be dreaming.

There are two tracks this month by friends of mine, namely a sick remix by Barney Iller and a re-rub by tektite. Both are quality productions and definitely proof of why I keep my eye on these guys. Operation Dankstar pulled in Paul Tokarz to create what I’m just going to deem the last remix of Clarity by Zedd. Everyone & their grandmother remixed that track, but the combination of sweet-ass guitar and ridiculously triumphant wobble is exactly what that track needs to sound like for the people that don’t hear it by listening to it on Z100.

The set is rounded out by some fun odds and ends. A hilarious send up of Will.i.am reminds of his Arty & Matt Zo fiasco. A prickly & massive xKore remix of a Modestep track pushes some  bass into your face, backed up by Joman (who did my last Earworm of the Month track – which I’m still listening to daily) & PrototypeRaptor providing backup face-melting with some fun electrohaus. Dj CUTMAN drops a twee remix of a Kirby’s Adventure, so that immediately gets added, as all competent Kirby offerings are immediately shoved into people’s faces. There’s a Baltimore Club remix of Lion by Emynd that adds a little grind to your day if you’re into that sort of thing.

And for something completely different/unexpected, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is not on the list but one of the more surprising covers of it is. I figure if you’re into Daft Punk remotely, you’ve heard the song already. However, I doubt you’ve heard the wistful, flip-the-scripty cover by Daughter. The vocals and total lack of hype and disco-style funk gives it this ethereal feel and the words are almost creepy coming out of the vocalist. However, almost. It’s a fantastic track and one of the better attempts at standing out in swell of coat-tails riders we’ll be seeing for the next several months I wager.


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