EP of the Week: “Gone, But Not Forgotten” by IniPhiles

(Another one of my reviews for Old Timey Hedgehog, which can be found in this brand spanking new iMag that you can get right here: http://www.amazon.com/Hedgy-Times-Issue-Magazine-ebook/dp/B00CLEMFTC/ Get at it, as it costs less than your cup of coffee. Or your Red Bull if you live in Manhattani interestingly.)

I’ve got a recently released chiptune phoenix for you this month. The eight track EP that was done to avenge the tragic fall of TWD Industries’ data cart has arrived. And you know, it’s pretty cool. While some chip-related producers are staying well within the borders of an increasingly crowded body of work, TWD Industries is consistently bored enough with it to go in some funky & inventive kinda ways. King Photon lends some support because obviously a 2 man party gets much farther into the dungeon than a solo adventurer.

Beginner’s Waltz imagines some Castlevania deliciousness, or possibly Super Ghouls & Ghosts with a rambling, chromatic beat, breaking back into some glitchy chippy fun. 1:40 locks an extra layer of broken beats into the tune & rounds out the opener of the EP with a punchy tune that would not feel out of place in any of a dozen 8bit platformers I played before things like credit scores & retirement strategies mattered in my existence.

Str8 To The Technodrome strangely doesn’t have a TMNT tune remix in it. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, considering any TMNT iteration that actually had a Technodrome was bad to the point of bordering on lunacy, no matter how many episodes I may or may not have watched. It does have the slogging, subterranean feel  that the pushy but chippy bass emphasizes. 1:21 features some pretty impress chord work, bending up and down with the chugging beat. Full Wipe has a bit more of a dreary feel to it and almost this melancholy, a subtle tribute to the lost 10 track full length album that eventually spawned the current offering.

3085: NeoCity Nites reminds me of Streets of Rage (high praise considering how I played the fuck out of that game), and the ominous feel of being a bit too far in a game for how good you are at it. There’s some fun resonance-sounding stuff going on and the glitchy fx that dance along around the beat are well placed & even more well produced. Definitely a droppable tune in a deep techno or even a tech house set if you’re a ballsy/drunk DJ. Amb(iv)ient has this dancing pixieness to it that I’d really like to play on a multi-directional sound-system at some point. It’s about as sparkly as you can get while still staying within the realm of chip, so hats off for the efforts on that.

I actually got to hear a preview of Defrag Riddim (because I’m awesome, what?) and I was excited for where it was going then, and I’m even happier where it ended up. Chip & Bass needs to be a much larger genre immediately, because the track is fun and there’s still this lazy, vaguely ragga attitude with the track. I also need to see what a DJ playing in front of a crowd in 8-bit looks like. At 1:47 ridiculous d&b drops in and I’m eating it up. Because remember kids, everything’s better with 2 scoops of drum & bass.

Rize From Your Grave features some gravely recorded vocals of Altered Beast vocals before breaking into some seriously triumphant Mega Man style beats. “Welcome to your doom” plus some run fast, shoot faster don’t get hit because you’re playing a Mega Man game before there were E-Tanks? Yes please.  It dwindles gradually into Keep Rizing which morphs the previous d&b into some glitchy breaky mid-tempo that continues to usher in the halcyon days of pixelated sunsets and credits rolling. Great work all around and I can’t wait to hear their first album, especially considering how good the second one was.



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