Party of the Month: Black & Light Ball: Enter The Golden Age An amazing party that starts with a Sunset…set from some stellar DJs in an amazing space. Get there early to ensure you don’t miss a second of the shenanigans.

As April showers turn into…May showers, the annual unholy alliance between Kostume Kult & DiSORIENT comes out of the gray rainy mists to dazzle the denizens of Gotham City. While DiSORIENT has pulled off amazing stuff documented around here previously, I’ve not mentioned Kostume Kult yet. They’re one of the best & most flamboyant crews in the NYC burner community. Even though the event is technically in June I’m going to be excited about it all month, so here’s the event not to miss in the next 4 weeks.

Their events are the stuff of legend and they feature prominently at large scale events like Zombiecon, the Village Halloween Parade, The Mermaid Parade, SantaCon(NSFW) & Dance Parade. With a slick, minimal website stupendous parties & some ridiculous talent, they do quite well both here and on the playa. And as a side note, their summer party FreaKKshow IV: Clown Nightmare two years ago in that ridiculous loft warehouse/rooftop in Brooklyn was THE party of the summer. When your favorite DJs tag-team the 8 AM – 11 AM rooftop set of an event you’ve been at since 11 PM, and people are handing out bacon & strawberries, you know you were a part of something special.

The theme “Golden Age” is a much needed return to positivist sentiment when it comes to focusing/inspiring a crowd and a set of DJs. Black & Light Ball comes with high expectations for costuming with people pulling out all the stops at the NYC Burner Spring Formal. The opulent affair tends to have been something I’d not been able to swing in the past but the times have been good for me so I definitely won’t be missing it. The focus on a new age of innovation, crowdsourced creativity & exploration of recently invented realities should create a wonderful playground for mingling & dancing. The music for said dancing, will of course be top notch.

I’ve gotta give it up to these guys for bringing back 2 of my favorite lady DJs from parts elsewhere in the states for this. DJ mLe has an infectious & groovy sound, filled with breaks & dubby funky bass that left the best of tastes in my mouth the last time I saw her in NYC. Mia Dangerfield rocked my face off at the House of Yes for an afterparty DiSORIENT threw many moons ago, and I’ve been infatuated with her signature blend of r&b, soul, a touch of blues, disco and house ever since.

Boris is an institution in NYC with roots dating back longer than I’ve been drinking legally I wager. He is currently rocking out as a Kostume Kult DJ and as one of the mad scientists behind Toad. Toad is a serious mobile music & art installation, that houses a 1000w sound system, sweet lasers and a karaoke machine. Because all I need is one mic. It rocked PEX 2011 and has been a mainstay at a whole bunch of cool places. So yea, a few of the lunatics behind Toad are actually spinning at this event, as DK one of the other Kostume Kult Lords responsible for this night of ridiculousness is performing as well. His vision for Kostume Kult plus his breaky, dubby beats make for a great night.

DJ Resy returns to the stage for this grand affair and I can’t wait to see what she has cooked up for us. For everyone who didn’t make it out to GlamTech, she dropped her set for us on Soundcloud, so get at that post-haste. At present only 2 additional DJs have been announced Terreyl & Marko Peli. Terreyl provides even more Philadelphia soulful, groovy deep house to back up the already fantastic lineup, and Marko Peli’s chilled out but surprisingly upbeat vibes.

Two tiers of tickets are already sold out, so even though I tell you every month to get at these things, you may very well miss your chance. Tickets can be gotten here: Maybe I’ll see you there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go find a gold sequined vest and matching top hat.

Logos of DiSORIENT & Kostume Kult are owned by their respective Burning Man camps.
Cover Photo for the event created by Alizarin Zroob with permission.


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