Lightsabers, HulaHoops & Diamonds: GlamTech Sparkles.

I’ve always been a fan of hula hoops. Even more so when they strobe, glow or otherwise dazzle.


GlamTech, as a party, a cell of DiSORIENT and an artistic philosophy, was in full effect at the Warsaw. This two-room venue has been the home to GlamTech for years, but it was totally new to me, as was the entire GT experience. After picking up a native Polish beer that I could not spell or pronounce to save my life, I attempted to stealthily move my way through the crowd. This idea fails pretty hard when you’re wearing a disco ball hoodie, so I was greeted by friends and the random well-wishers who congratulated me on purchasing appropriate plumage for this specific event. The crowd that glittered with lights, mirrors and a rainbow of colors parted and I sadly realized I’d missed my BFF DJ Pony’s set when he greeted me in his amazing outfit on the dance floor. I offered my mea culpa to the gorgeous & talented fellow while trying not to be distracted by the cascading rainbows that hoopers, the projectionists & the deco wizards surrounded me with.

DJ Resy was hooking it up in the second area by the time I’d fully explored the space. The sexy, groovy house was sliding through the room like a pierogie that fell off your plate (yes they had food), along with the seething mass of bodies bedazzled in crystal decorations. When the centerpiece to your party is a giant diamond-shaped discoball, you know there’s going to be some glamorous sh*t going down. The crowd gyrated to Resy’s smooth transitions and delicious vibe while I leaned back against the bar and found myself being impressed by her progress. I was at one of her first gigs and I knew she was going to do her homework to craft an awesome distinctive sound. The transitions she was making were not easy and she was focused on making the place rock. DiSORIENT did the right thing by letting her walk around in a room like this and it continues their glorious tradition of not skimping on the talent in the second area of sound they provide. You know it’s a good time when the second room has talent equal to or better the big/main room at other parties. I was enjoying the set when two people dashed past me whispering about something involving lightsabers & stilts happening on the main dance floor so I went to check it out. And boy were they ever right.

There he was, the founder of New York Jedi, Flynn Michael, dual-wielding two lightsabers as flow toys, dazzling the crowd while on stilts. Because clearly, doing it on the ground would be too easy, so obviously, stilts. The choreography was loose, free and unlike 18+ raves where you’ve got kids running into performers all the time, the crowd stood back and let him work. Which he did gorgeously, while Yentalbeats (the main headliner) cranked out some techy, bassy house that the heterogeneous crowd was eating up. The main room was in full effect with everyone doing what they came to do, enjoy themselves among a cordial but rocking dance floor. No shoving or silly fight nonsense, just good people respecting personal boundaries and expressing themselves in unique but safe ways. Yental had recently flown back to Gotham from Montana where he spun a crazy party with some friends of mine out there, led by a very bad-ass lady who drops some sexy, twerky bass. While Yental’s set didn’t have the Harlem Shake in it exactly, I could hear what rubbed off on him, and I liked it. The set was fun and after grooving and pretending I wasn’t jealous of Flynn’s overwhelming bad-assery, I gravitated back to the side room to see one of my favorite Yin-infused house DJs Miss Sabado.

If you don’t know who Miss Sabado is and you like deep, playful & sometimes worldbeat-kissed beats, you owe it to yourself to check out her RESONATE parties at The Counting Room. Though, I didn’t have to go anywhere to check out another one of her master classes in keeping your attention and a mandatory lab in shaking your tail-feathers. The mixing, track selection and audience awareness were all first-rate and the side room bulged with people trying to slide into the space to get a better earful & eyeful of the Mistress of soulful, deep house & world-beat as she entranced everyone that wasn’t having their minds blown by Elixir in the other room.

By this point you’re probably already tired of me yammering on about how good the djs were and attempting to communicate how music/DJs sounded using words, which sometimes is (to quote Blade) trying to ice skate up hill. The best way to describe how much Elixir was killing it was to state that, the last track of the evening was listened to by a still-mostly filled room. You can always tell how good a party was by the number of people who are still there when it’s over. Not only that, but said track was actually my January Earworm of the Month, a massive tune by the Bloody Beetroots. It electrified the dancefloor and gave a serious burst of energy to the people who needed it to get across Brooklyn to the afterparty. But that my friends is an entirely different story. Kudos to GlamTech and DiSORIENT for a great evening as always, and if you need me, I’ll be trying to pronounce that damn beer’s name.

This is Terry Gotham, see you on the dance floor.

(All photos care of Thomas Egan Photography, so go show him some love since these shots are fantastic.)

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