Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: DJ Nutritious

(I was able to catch up with DJ Nutritious before his masterful set at Cielo, a review of which can be found here)

When did you know this was what you were going to do as your job job? Was there a moment?
I dropped out of college to start DJ’ing full time and throw raves, so pretty much at that moment yea.

Have you ever provided the food and the music for an event?
Good Question, I don’t think so. Personally, for a party, I don’t think I have. I’ve wanted to, it’s come up a lot, but not yet.

What does DJ Nutritious’ sound taste like? What genre would you say you are?
Oh boy, I’d say, but I probably shouldn’t. It’s in the kink category.

Do you think that the funkier side of house & disco is on the way back? How is it changing?
I know that people are coming to appreciate a deeper, more eclectic sound which is cool. I think it’s dance music, so there’s funk all over it. Coming back, perhaps. I certainly think it’s always been strong, it always will be.

What would be your absolute top choice place to play at?
Only one? I mean, I’m going to stick to the here and now, and say that Cielo is definitely one of my favorite places to play, no doubt. If there were a list, I’d give you others but let’s stick with that for now.

What kind of events do you prefer? Big-ass crowds? Apartment parties?
I like it all really. I really do. Every party has some sort of unique charm to it that really is what it’s all about. And that’s one of my favorite things, doing those situations, seeing what’s happening, whether it be a ferstival or a private loft party. Obviously I prefer really amazing sound systems, but sometimes they’re not always drop dead amazing, but that’s ok, and we work with it, and make an amazing thing possible.

How has the scene changed since you started dancing in NYC?
More main-stream acceptance of House music in general, which is really cool.

Do you prefer playing in Brooklyn or Manhattan?
I don’t usually see a difference, it honestly depends on the party.

How do you think House is going to change as “EDM” explodes across the USA?
It’s going deeper. We just scratched the surface and now we’re going deeper.

How are you using social media these days?
You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and there’s a lot that I know that I should be on but I’m not, but we’ll figure that out soon enough.

What do you & Ms. Wilder do to relax these days?
Free Time? Ha, but when we do, we try and hit some tour stops together, we try and have nice meals, maybe hit the beach, relax at a spa, chill out watch movies and you know, typical stuff.

(DJ Nutritious has a new single dropping Tuesday, June 25th called “Flash It.” Check out the video below & give it some love tomorrow)

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