“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein reminds that when we create it must remain fun. Some light Monday inspiration for y’all.


French Electro DJs Simpsonized!

French Electro DJs Simpsonized!

Check out this cool drawing of some of the biggest names in French DJ-dom as Simpsons characters. Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Justice, Breakbot & others in that perfect Matt Groening fashion. Not sure who the artist is, so if it’s you, speak up so you can be credited!

A Master at Work. Cielo Grooves to Nutritious (A Day in the Life, 3 of 3)


You wonder what it’s like until you’re there. The booth. Where the magic happens. The scene could not exist without it, and your career as a DJ is made within it. Whether it’s a folding table set up on the side of a room or a walled off alcove with a mini fridge and a serving area, this was the place to be. And, this wasn’t the booth at any old place, this was the booth at Cielo.

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Figment Flourishes in the Sun. (A Day in the Life, part 2 of 3)

“Wow, that really is puppies all the way down”


At the sight of the absurdly over-sized PopDogs overflowing with puppies. They were cute, adorable, and populating the scene that pointed directly towards a very specific reminder of the serious problem that is canine overpopulation in cities. The popcorn analogy worked perfectly and the cuteness spilled out until you were reminded about how society digests pets and leaves a gigantic sick feeling in our society. I’d not really prepared for real “in your face” art, reminding me of reality, but then again I wasn’t really sure what to expect at all. However, I was already impressed.

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Giuseeppe Ottaviani rocks Santos Party House thanks to Esscala Entertainment (A Day in the Life, Part 1 of 3)

The rain came down as the bass seeped out of the doors. My companion & I, safe under an umbrella, waited to get in as the Santos Party House massaged another Friday night event into itself. Esscala Entertainment has done the work slowly but persistently, building a name for itself over the last year and they are now my go-to for trance in Gotham. Tonight, I was delighted they’d scored Giuseppe Ottaviani, a rising star in the trance community. A fun producer who could do his fair share of spinning besides dropping a couple of clever tracks that have gotten picked up by Armin and others doing the weekly trance podcast thing, I couldn’t wait.

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Party of the Month: Party Cat – Main Event by Entwined & Blackbird


One of the things that I never see enough of these days are tag-team sets. Lots of people do ridiculous sets, ostentatious work on the decks that gets the attention of the crowd, others do fun technical stuff like scratching, using 12 cdjs/turntables at the same time, and still more just press play and don’t do a damn thing. My favorite is when two people, friends or rivals, play back-to-back or tag-team. Two DJs doing some amazing work, watching each other’s backs and surprising each other with awesome tunes, sick transitions and surprises that you only get with two cooks in the kitchen. It seems the party Gods have heard my prayers, because next Friday, Entwined & Blackbird is coming together to throw one of the more creative events I’ve heard of in some time.

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Old Masters, New Talent: World 1-2 Surprises & Rocks (Olde Timey Hedgehog Album Review)

(Coming at you with another guest review from Old Timey Hedgehog so get over there and take a look: http://www.amazon.com/Hedgy-Times-Issue-Magazine-ebook/dp/B00D47CEDM)

This month, I’m honored to be reviewing World 1-2, a compilation by Mohammed Taher of Koopa Soundworks, released through the GameChops label. I’m continually impressed by the enthusiasm, organization and discipline of the VGM Remix community. The combination of independent remixers and an impressive list of composers from the video game industry was a fantastic idea for this huge album, one that I hope is repeated often.

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