Midnight Music: TWD Industries – ARTifractal Decay [Chippy Synth]

A good friend will get infinite props from me forever because of his willingness to constrict his vast creative vision to the 3ds workspacewhen it comes to music production. The complexity & awareness brought to a track made by a heavily modified gameboy surpasses most Pro Tools/Ableton producers by a noticeable margin. Interestingly, it still reminds me of video games (namely some ill Mega Man cut scenes), even though it’s definitely not a melody ripped from a game. Enjoy it, and here comes Friday!

Old Masters, New Talent: World 1-2 Surprises & Rocks (Olde Timey Hedgehog Album Review)

(Coming at you with another guest review from Old Timey Hedgehog so get over there and take a look: http://www.amazon.com/Hedgy-Times-Issue-Magazine-ebook/dp/B00D47CEDM)

This month, I’m honored to be reviewing World 1-2, a compilation by Mohammed Taher of Koopa Soundworks, released through the GameChops label. I’m continually impressed by the enthusiasm, organization and discipline of the VGM Remix community. The combination of independent remixers and an impressive list of composers from the video game industry was a fantastic idea for this huge album, one that I hope is repeated often.

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