Puddles Pity Party Sings About The Corporate Side Of Life For Kabbage.

The more Puddles does, the more I love him. This new video has Puddles reminding us of the hell that is the universe of corporate office work. I would love to know if Puddles worked an office job and left in a spectacular fashion. The words bite hard, as all good art truly should.

You’ll be popping pharmaceuticals & eating lunch in your cubicle
If we keep on the corporate side of life.

This is one of the few examples of sponsored art I’ve ever seen that I honestly support. It was done to create awareness about Kabbage, a funding aggregator for small business. This allows small/agile business to use an Etsy or PayPal account to get funding, based on how much they’re killing it. Ebay stars, your time has come. I frankly like this snarky art paired with a legit service that people who liked the song would use. Plenty of people are trying to hustle out of the corporate world for all of the reasons Puddles discusses. And more power to them. Rock on y’all.


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