Midweek Music: Avicii, Ferry Corsten, Wyclef Jean, Delta Heavy & More!

Between July 4th & Labor Day, people check blogs less, they vacation more & need tunes to move to. For the summer, instead of doing music at night, I’ve decided to try something different. I’m going to try and put together a weekly set of tracks, most new, but the occasional oldie/goodie, for you, my faithful readers. Let me know if it’s a good idea.  Ferry Corsten remains one of my most favorite DJs, though he rarely gets to spin the music I love him for. Even though when he headlines mainstages, he does a lot of electro house & progressive, in my mind, he will always be a pure trance DJ. With this release and his recent new Gouryella track, it’s as if he has been reading my mind. The break at 3:19 is one of the best in the world and has been for years. This is a staple in his sets across Europe, but I’ve definitely been privileged enough to hear it on our shores on more than one occasion.  Mixmag premiered one of the better remixes of Giorgio Moroder’s new track “74 is the new 24.” Yes, that’s actually the name of the track, he’s really getting down and funky at 74. The tune has some interesting little guitars and some “I clearly listen to Daft Punk” vocoding effects which are totally welcome. It’s got a vintage, funky feel, while keeping the energy up in a 90’s dance kind of way. Kris Menace & Lifelike have grabbed my attention with this track, so y’all should keep an eye on them with me.
 Avicii is back, and he brought Wyclef Jean & Matisyahu with him. It’s a strange departure for Avicii and I wonder who wanted this deal to come together most out of the trio. Matisyahu & Wyclef Jean drop perfectly capable/dope rhymes, and the reggae vibes on this are strong. Avicii brings in the bluegrass & country influences from his previous work, as you can hear in the builds and lead up to the chorus. This is definitely a step in a new direction so definitely let me know if it’s something you’re feeling.   Bringing the energy down entirely is Glo. This downtempo/chill artist has studied at the School of Burial and we’re all better for it. I cannot get enough of this kind of sound. Do not play this for people on drugs, but if you’re sad, you just got dumped, or if you’re just walking in the rain, this is your jam. I know it’s mine, and if you want more, check out glo’s album saknad here. The list of tracks is fantastic, and it will get you through.  Last but certainly not least, Delta Heavy‘s got a new jam that’s out July 17th. This is no bullshit Drum & Bass. Classic, perfect Delta Heavy, like only he can be. Delta Heavy is able to use female rock vocals in a way I don’t think anyone else in the space besides Flux Pavilion can touch. And now I want to see a Delta Heavy/Flux Pavilion b2b set.

That’s it folks, leave a comment if you liked this format & want to see it again, or if I should get back to a track a day. I live to serve.

The Truth Hurts.

Interesting discussion over at Stoney Roads on mainstream vs. “underground EDM. Feel free to read it, I just really like the image. Ask someone whose music taste you respect the last time they listened to big room electro or brostep of their own volition. When was the last time someone truly put on Animals not trying to either make a point, or make a joke? Times are changing. The only places a lot of those sounds are going to find homes are niche markets and Michael Bay movies in a couple of years. The underground will keep sounding progressively different, as the mainstream pop/edm train starts to work its way through genres.

Anyone want to guess what comes after deep/progressive house shakes out over the next few seasons? Trance? Breakbeat? Minimal Techno? MauStep?

Playlist Of The Weekend: White Raver Rafting’s Insane TomorrowWorld Playlist!

Damn. 10+ hours of music, dedicated to the festival that’s happening again here in the good old USA in just over 50 days. If you want to know what the kids are listening to, or if you just have hours and hours to kill with some of the biggest tracks of the season, White Raver Rafting has got you covered. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to these tunes, but with hits from Avicii, Bassnectar, Garrix, Diplo, Zedd, Tiesto, Datsik, A-Trak, Richie Hawtin, Nervo, Ferry Corsten IN JUST THE FIRST HOUR ALONE, I think you know where this is going. Tons of music, to put into your face during your August cookouts and basement DJ sessions.

All Ages Avicii Show Goes About As Badly As It Sounds, With 29 Hospitalized.

It seems that the “all ages” moniker really is leading to more kids doing stupid shit. After Avicii’s hospitalization back in March, I was terribly concerned I wouldn’t get to see Avicii evolve as an artist. He’s back on his feet, but apparently it seems the kids at a recent show in Canada are the ones who needed medical attention. 29 needed medical attention, many before the event even began. This news story illustrates two issues that I’m sure not a lot of producers and promoters consider when creating events. First, they didn’t have additional EMS on standby for a 20,000 person party. To kick the ballistics on that, that meant the event was calibrated to handle .0145% of its attendees needing help, with no one on standby. I mean, I don’t know who their actuaries are, but that seems an under spend that was made as a quick decision.

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20 Top Shazam’d Tracks Of The Australian Summer

Just in case you’d forgotten, Summer is winding down/slowly disappearing down under. That means their festival season is slowly coming to a close. Just in case you were wondering what people listen to on the other side of the world, In The Mix & Shazam teamed up to bring you some of the most requested tunes and I’ve got a bunch below. Tiesto, Rudimental, Avicii are coming in strong, with a few surprises creeping in. Check out the full list on their site here.

Ookay Trolls LA With An “Old MacDonald” Remix Of Animals By Martin Garrix” For A Full Dancefloor. (Updated: Deadmau5 Trolls Garrix With it On Ultra 2014!)

10/10 Would Troll Again. I can support DJs starting to actively troll dancefloors that expect silly ass moron-breaks like we’ve seen on the Beatport Top 10 the last year or so. Kudos to him. Can’t wait for this to become a thing. (Update: IT’S A THING! deadmau5 dropped the remix on the unsuspecting Ultra crowd after he replaced Avicii on the main stage.) Old McDonald Had A Party!

Avicii releases trailer for “Gravity,” a new video game for iPhone/iPad

Avicii, the Swedish Sensation, has taken one of the roads less traveled when it comes to promotion, and I think it’s going to pay off big time. His new game looks simple, fun and it has a great soundtrack (of course). Apparently there’s an exclusive mix you can only get if you play the game. While this may end up annoying some Android users (as the game is only currently coming for iPhone/iPad), stoking demand for it if it goes well on the Apple side would do even more to promote him.

I like the idea, and I can’t wait for it to get big enough that I can run it in Chrome on my home PC (with big speakers) or my Android phone. It’ll be there soon enough. Kudos to him, I can’t wait to see other top level talent doing so. The ASOT video game would be so pretty…