First Vape & EDM Partnership is here.

It seems that the e-cig industry has finally grown to such a distinguished size that it’s starting to knock on the door of EDM to sell intoxicants to the young. A series of DJs are being employed to get people hyped about an admittedly decent idea. A combination iphone case & vaporizer. Because that was a market gap you weren’t high enough to come up with. I’m not really going to comment on the video because the obvious misogyny & poor shot choices speak for themselves. However, the lineup for podcasts includes 12th Planet, BORGEOUS, Griz, Bixel Boys & Rif Raff. Enjoy the tunes, and if you buy one, DEFINITELY comment on whether it sucks or not. (via FreshNewTracks)

Avicii releases trailer for “Gravity,” a new video game for iPhone/iPad

Avicii, the Swedish Sensation, has taken one of the roads less traveled when it comes to promotion, and I think it’s going to pay off big time. His new game looks simple, fun and it has a great soundtrack (of course). Apparently there’s an exclusive mix you can only get if you play the game. While this may end up annoying some Android users (as the game is only currently coming for iPhone/iPad), stoking demand for it if it goes well on the Apple side would do even more to promote him.

I like the idea, and I can’t wait for it to get big enough that I can run it in Chrome on my home PC (with big speakers) or my Android phone. It’ll be there soon enough. Kudos to him, I can’t wait to see other top level talent doing so. The ASOT video game would be so pretty…