Fan Dying Of Cancer At His “Last Rave” Reminds Us All Why We Do this.

Something really special & powerful was communicated on Facebook/Instagram yesterday and I think it’s important to note it no matter your age or your scene. A club kid with terminal cancer who “knew he was going to die soon” decided to hit up Escape From Wonderland, Insomniac’s SoCal Fall Fest that went down last weekend as a last party (for all he knew). He walked up to a random other attendee and asked, and I’m going to quote again, because this is important: “if you promise to never give any of it away, will you take all of my kandi for me? (Instagram of it for the disbelievers: The kandi was exchanged after the second attendee emotionally accepted.

I think this gets to the core of why so many people willingly get assaulted by bass and ripped off at the bar week after week, year after year. When it comes down to it, those two people connected, in a very powerful way, getting at the type of interaction a lot of us seek. Kandi means quite a bit to people in the rave & club kid scene, with years upon years of meaning embedded into these pieces, symbolizing an oral history of their party career. Real talk, emotion and knowing you’re supported and cared for. People struggle to find that in every major institution, so it’s sought after more and more on the dance floor and in the warehouse. I can’t imagine the conversation they must have had, or how powerful that experience was for all involved. It’s easy to dismiss people who attend these events as drug users or drop outs from society, but that’s not only laughably wrong but it underscores a fundamental ignorance about the types of positive experiences that are possible. Community feels way better than drugs. I hope this kid gets the appropriate care to ease his passing if he can’t fight it off. (via EDM Maniac)

2 thoughts on “Fan Dying Of Cancer At His “Last Rave” Reminds Us All Why We Do this.

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